Can NYC Be Destroyed?

Now, as uncontrollable violence continues to escalate against citizens, law enforcement and critical infrastructure for communities throughout the US, a public-safety issue has become a national security issue.

Hard-core agents provocateurs infiltrate US protests

The key question that must be addressed is the danger to critical infrastructure without which New York City can survive. I worked with the present Chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the House Jerrold Nadler on issues of critical infrastructure where we had proposed a freight tunnel under the Hudson River to alleviate the strain on the George Washington Bridge which is a part of New York City’s critical infrastructure. It was also as a backup to the George Washington Bridge. Jerry was on the transportation committee in the Assembly and is active on these issues in Congress.

Critical Infrastructur... Lewis, Ted G. Best Price: $121.91 Buy New $113.00 (as of 04:20 EDT - Details) If the George Washington Bridge were bombed, New York City could not survive in its present state. We could not supply the food and supplies required for the city’s population. We do not have sufficient alternative supply routes. The City would be terribly damaged. If this article is right about ANTIFA (antifaschistisch (“anti-fascist”), this organization is somewhat akin to the Red Brigades. And the key targets must be guarded now. This is more a job for trained military personnel rather than policemen. When the Red Brigades kidnapped the Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, the Brigades used trained military commandos.

Another critical infrastructure is the New York City water supply.

Water Tunnel No. 3 is the largest capital construction project in New York City history. The tunnel will be more than 60 miles (97 km) long, travel 500 feet (150 m) below street level in sections, and will cost over $6 billion. Construction began in 1970 and is expected to be completed in 2020. The tunnel will serve as a backup to Water Tunnel No. 1, completed in 1917, and Water Tunnel No. 2, completed in 1936.

If these two tunnels were sabotaged, New York City would die. There would be no water.

A third critical infrastructure is the electrical supply. In one central control system located in one room exists the control of the entire New York City electrical system. If that were to be bombed, it could take six months to repair and the city would be destroyed.

Anatomy of the Red Bri... Orsini, Alessandro Best Price: $22.63 Buy New $25.00 (as of 04:20 EDT - Details) I have worked on these issues in New York City, but they exist in every major city. These are national security issue of the gravest portent. ANTIFA operates under a sophisticated barrage of AgitProp.

OPUS 225 AgitProp and our Republic

There is no doubt that the ANTIFA operatives are sophisticated and operational. If two hundred cities were taken down, the very existence of the United States Government would be in jeopardy. We would then not be talking about just having tanks go down Fifth Avenue but a nationwide marital law.

It was through the most sophisticated PYSOP operations that the US brought down the Soviet system and many other governments such as the Ukraine, Yugoslavia, etc. As Steve Pieczenik points out above, it looks like the roosters are coming home to roost. Pieczenik who participated in those PSYOPS explains what is happening now in the US in reverse.

The apparent rebellion of the generals against following Trump’s orders to intervene can be sourced back to the Weimar Republic’s General Hans von Seeckt who remodelled the German Army as a apolitical force. This was one of the key reasons that the German Army did not intervene in the battle between the communists (our ANTIFA) and the national socialists who are not yet seen on the landscape of the US but we can be sure are around. If the military sets a precedent here that it will not enter domestic turmoil to stop ANTIFA, then we can expect when our national socialists rise they will also do nothing though the liberals will be screaming for help. Perceptions Are Realit... Army University Press Buy New $16.99 (as of 04:20 EDT - Details)

As long as Pyotr Rachovsky ran the Okhrana in Tsarist Russia he had every left wing organization infiltrated such as the Bolsheviks, and one of his agents was Joseph Stalin. The joke was that most of the leaders of the Bolshevik were his agents. When he died in 1910 the Okhrana fell apart. The Tsar no longer had any sources of reliable information not that he would have acted anyway as he was so incompetent. The problem of the US today is that the FBI does not seem to have any reliable sources inside ANTIFA and so we are travelling blind into the storm. We do not know what is planned next. This is a total breakdown in intelligence. This is very dangerous situation.

I would like to point out about Colin Powell that he testified in Congress about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which were pure lies, and now he has the audacity to accuse the President of lying. Nor are we surprised that the retired generals who have their jobs on the boards of the military contractors will demonstrate such disloyalty to the US paralleling their having given contracts to such contractors at exorbitant costs to ensure their retirement compensation.

Reprinted with permission from David Lifschultz.