We Are Facing the End of Passion for Life in America?

Passion makes the old medicine new:
Passion lops off the bough of weariness.
Passion is the elixir that renews:
how can there be weariness
when passion is present?
Oh, don’t sigh heavily from fatigue:
seek passion, seek passion, seek passion!

Rumi (2014). ‘Another city,’ a selection of poems from the Persian”, p.91, Lulu.com. (Rumi: September 30, 1207-December 17, 1273/Mathnawi VI, 4302-4304)

Those attempting to master our fate are attempting purposely to destroy the inherent passions of life. The most precious things about mankind are under attack by the purveyors of this coronavirus fraud, and the cold hand of indifference already has a firm grip on the sleeping population. Passion comes in many forms, from love, family and friends, anger, hatred, grief, joy, and nature. Passion is all consuming when one has the capacity and capability to be free to embrace and experience all the many aspects of a free existence. When all thought is concentrated due to fear, stress, tyranny, and confusion, the mind and body lose touch with one another, creating internal chaos. This state of being brings only emptiness and pain, and stifles one’s ability to grasp the beauty of life, thus passion is lost. The Essential Rumi, Ne... Jalal al-Din Rumi Best Price: $5.96 Buy New $10.38 (as of 03:57 EDT - Details)

A cold and heartless society created out of fear and loathing does not allow for compassion for one’s fellow man or for self, and leaves a hole in the heart and soul of our being. This outcome is sought by the puppet masters in control of the virus pandemic narrative, those elites that are mandating an end to the normalcy of life in favor of a totally controlled society. Consider what has been taken away since the beginning of this manufactured crisis, and how that has adversely affected the psyche of the masses in this country.

Families have been torn apart. Many are now afraid to be with their own, and have also in many cases been forcibly separated from those they care about the most. Hospitals on orders from the state have closed their doors to any in need of those services. Family members with normal symptoms of cold or flu (or not) have been isolated without allowance for family and friends to visit or monitor. Family members have been literally locked out by institutional rules, even in situations of dire sickness or death. Nursing homes and elderly care facilities have isolated all residents; disallowing family to check on loved ones. This has led to the mass death of many well before their time to die. The results of these mandates are responsible for almost half the deaths falsely attributed to this Covid hoax. This in essence is nothing less than murder by the state.

Most in this country are instructed to distance themselves from everyone, remaining six feet or more from all. They have been instructed to wear masks at all times, this a very detrimental and sometimes dangerous thing to do considering health. These things can lead to not only despair and loneliness, but cause a lack of closeness, expression, familiarity, societal needs, and of personal isolation. As humans, we are communal by nature, and contact, including intimate interaction with others, is of great importance to our being. It is how we communicate, learn, and congregate for many purposes, including experiencing the pleasures of life. Without close contact, a feeling of being alone sets in, and this feeling causes not only much stress, but also leads to desolation and a withdrawal from community. This can be very devastating to one’s psyche. Rumi’s Little Bo... Rumi Best Price: $8.47 Buy New $10.24 (as of 03:57 EDT - Details)

The political class mandated that many businesses nationwide close their doors and shut down. This was damaging in a multitude of ways, and of course caused mass economic harm to all those businesses, and all those employed by those businesses. The economic and psychological damage inflicted due to these closings have been tremendous, and will take years to correct if in fact it can be corrected at all. Many jobs are lost forever, and many small and medium sized businesses have closed their doors for good. This was the livelihood of millions of people in this country, and now much of that is forever damaged or lost entirely. The harm caused by this will continue to grow and to cause great stress to many millions of Americans well into the future.

Once the false Covid threat could no longer sustain scrutiny, society’s controllers purposely brought carnage and more havoc to the people in the form of organized and staged riots, looting, arson, beatings, and murder; blaming it on racism and inequality, when that was a total lie. But with this planned civil unrest, property destruction, and violence, came more panic and more chaos on the heels of the ongoing farce of a flu pandemic that had driven the false fear that consumes this country. The state enforcers and police stood down while these planted thugs in the BLM and Antifa movements threatened many people. Now, the second phase plot has been let loose on the already weak and pathetic masses that are quickly becoming accustomed to their life of fear and slavery.

This ‘Phase 2’ rollout will most likely strike much more fear into an already beaten down populace, and will certainly lead to a poisonous vaccination being made available. This will be marketed as a godsend to the people, and a way to guarantee that all will soon be safe. Most will voluntarily rush to get this tainted, untested, and toxic concoction, and this will cause much more sickness and death, which will be blamed not on this vaccine, but on the people themselves. Those not getting the vaccination will be shunned and labeled as criminal for continuing to spread this fake disease. That will be scripted, and due to the state calling for 100% compliance with the vaccine in order to protect all, it will soon become mandatory. The horrendous implications of such an atrocious agenda are mindboggling, and will most likely not be realized by the public until it is too late. The Meaning Of It All:... Feynman, Richard P. Best Price: $2.01 Buy New $35.76 (as of 03:16 EDT - Details)

Passion in life is the essence of our existence, and if lost, we will have destroyed all that is important in this world. We will have allowed the few to end the idea of humanity as it has existed, in order to bring about a lifeless, empty, and fully controlled society with no feeling, empathy, love, or compassion evident. That is not a world of worth for the living. It is only a sterile environment meant to bring about a future of Transhumanism, a belief that humans can evolve due to science and technology, and form a race with few physical and mental limitations. All beauty in life would become extinct, and a country of non-thinking, non-emotional beings would exist only in order to function as they are programmed to do.

The more our passion disappears, the less human we become!