COVID-19 Coronavirus Testing: Check Logic No, The President Is Not Bats_ _t Crazy.

Well, the online censors already buried this report with a headline like that.

The illogic of COVID-19 coronavirus

The headline of a Huffington Post article of June 15, 2020 reads: “Trump Suggests Stopping COVID-19 Tests Would Result In Fewer Cases.”  To which a critic responded President Trump’s logic: “If you stopped charging people with murder, you’d have no murder convictions.”

What President Trump said: ““If we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any.”  A similar Tweet by President Trump has also been a subject of public ridicule: “Without testing…we would be showing almost no cases.”

The President’s statement brought more critical tweets: “If I close my eyes right now, it won’t be sunny anymore!”  And another: “If we got rid of x-rays, we’d have very few cavities, if any.” The Invisible Enemy Garrett, Mr. Gregory L... Buy New $26.94 (as of 05:21 EDT - Details)

In a thread of emails I’m privy to, a physician wrote:

“It is interesting that this disconnect in logical thinking may be a result of microvascular disease of the brain, a slow growing brain tumor, or metastatic brain disease. He (Trump) needs a 3T MRI and MRA with gadolinium in order to help the Republicans avoid a catastrophic surprise in November.”

So, the President needs a brain scan, while his opponent can’t mumble a coherent answer to any question posed to him.

Another comment:

“I doubt few people in the entire country are goofy enough to think stopping testing will stop the disease.  If he didn’t demonstrate such incompetence every day, people would think that was ridiculous.  We’re just numb at this point.”

Mind you, these are learned people posting these critiques.

These quips may play well in REDS vs BLUES political combat, but they do little to help understand the manipulation by the Centers for Disease Control or State governments conduct to frighten the public into prolonged lockdown.

I explained to the email list:

Testing is only being used to keep people in lockdown; as soon as the masses are released from lockdown, more testing is done to make it appear like there are more cases.

By now everyone should have realized the manipulation going on by the CDC.  Testing, which is unreliable (false positives and negatives), means very little unless a total population study is being done of sick and non-sick individuals, such as done in Santa Clara County and L.A. county by Stanford and USC, and found 2.0%-7.0% exhibited antibodies, meaning they were exposed and have immunity.  Then incidence of infection can be determined.  What public health agencies are reporting is intensity of testing, not incidence of infection.

Investigators believe more than 2.0% to 7.0% actually got COVID-19, meaning something other than antibodies were in play, which appears to be zinc-dependent T-cells themselves, which are precursors to antibodies.

This is a revelation because vaccine effectiveness is solely measured by antibody production.  If we follow along in this line of thinking, we realize any COVID-19 vaccine can only prevent disease among those who were not infected and developed their own natural immunity, which is the remaining 93-98% w/o proven antibodies.  But if a vaccine is designed to produce antibodies and that is the sole narrow measure of vaccine effectiveness, then the vaccine is on the wrong street.  It (the vaccine) presumably has to produce T-cells, this is a thymus gland/ zinc dependent process.  To produce T-cells, zinc lozenges would be in order during infection, daily zinc pills for daily prevention.  (Currently the zinc section of most retail store shelves are empty.) Stand or Fall in the P... Garrett, Mr. Gregory L... Buy New $10.95 (as of 04:56 EDT - Details)

Skullduggery in progress

One thing for sure, the federal government is operating right out in the open with its unlawful plannedemic.  There are a lot of suspicious activities surrounding the arrival of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the U.S.

It is just that there is no one to interpret the COVID-19 crimes of the day.  The news press, the so-called 4th estate, is part of the problem rather than the solution.  News agencies parrot press releases from the Centers for Disease Control without question.  They are distributors of propaganda and fear.

Whatever anti-viral technologies do gain FDA approval and come into common practice, the bet is they will be expensive and American-based.  Just look at the scientific pillorying hydroxychloroquine has undergone, a 37-cent medicine.

While the vast majority of Americans are overcoming COVID-19 infections, they aren’t doing it via antibodies.  Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has said “America needs to win the coronavirus vaccine race” and said “The United States will have a ‘better’ vaccine than China.”

In a Fox News report dated April 5, 2020, reporter Maria Bartiromo asked current FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn: “If the Chinese were to create a vaccine in six months or less and they release it at scale to the U.S., is the FDA ready to quickly review that data to make this vaccine available to the United States?”

Commissioner Hahn replied: ““We are prepared to look at any data around any medical product and in particular vaccines…”

FYI: China’s Sinopharm just announced it is already delivering a COVID-19 vaccine to workers that has a 100% antibody response, if we can take China’s word on this.

CDC unprepared

For one, the Centers for Disease Control was unprepared for this epidemic even though over two years earlier the direct of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci predicted (threatened) there would be such an infectious disease outbreak in the U.S. that happened to occur at a politically-sensitive pre-election time.

The shortage of face masks and ventilators was blamed on the Executive Branch of government, not the CDC that has continued responsibility for such outbreaks regardless of who occupies the White House.  The CDC director should have resigned over this oversight. Bottle of Lies: The In... Eban, Katherine Best Price: $18.69 Buy New $16.94 (as of 02:25 EDT - Details)

Then in the first month of the spread of the virus in the U.S., faulty availability COVID-19 blood test kits were delayed by the Food & Drug Administration and US Customs & Border Protection officers seized so-called “fake” COVID-19 test kits, a coordinated action that prevented early targeted isolation and detection of the virus to prevent its spread.

Advice to forgo masks

Then Dr. Fauci said Americans didn’t need to wear masks. They were useless, he said.  But then later admitted, after a shortage of masks become evident, that he dismissed masks because they were in short supply.  So, you mean Dr. Fauci lied to the public to cover for his own agency’s failure to prepare? Yes.

Nursing homes become graveyards

Independent investigative journalist Rosemary Frei, writing at, asks the question: “Were conditions for high death rates at care homes created on purpose?

Nursing home deaths comprise over 40% of all COVID-19 related deaths.  State Governors and city mayors ordered nursing homes to accept transfers of hospitalized elderly patients with COVID-19 infection, essentially assuring the virus would spread to the frail elderly.

Frei says one of the first malicious practices was to frighten nursing home staff so much they fled their jobs in fear.

Morphine, a potent pain reliever, was given to many of these elderly institutionalized patients.  But morphine is linked with impaired immunity and increased susceptibility to lung infectionSedatives should never be given to bedridden patients due to the danger of pneumonia.  Did the nursing home patients die of morphine lung or COVID-19 lung?  This is as close to murder as it gets.

The U.S. spent $166 billion on nursing home expenditures in 2017.  COVID-19 coronavirus is killing nursing home patients and African Americans, two groups of Americans that cost the federal government the most money.  Isn’t that convenient.  With no payments going towards FICA payments (Medicare/Social Security) from 40 million unemployed Americans, those trust funds will dry up faster than predicted.

Smokers intentionally misled

An early report published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, which generated a considerable number of news reports, claimed smokers were at decreased risk for COVID-19 infection and death.

However, this paper had flaws in data collection and incorrect results.  It didn’t even get the number of cases correct in the five studies analyzed.  The effect of smoking was null, not protective, just ineffective.  The extent of errors in this paper were said to be rare in academic papers.  Were smokers intentionally misled? China Rx: Exposing the... Singh, Janardan Prasad Best Price: $21.33 Buy New $17.50 (as of 03:37 EDT - Details)

Nobody is confessing to any crimes in this plannedemic.  And of all things, COVID-19 has a political bent of its own.

It was firebrand Candace Owens who reported in a Tweet that 5 Democrat-controlled States with a combined population of 51.11 million reported 43,679 COVID-19 deaths versus five Republican-controlled States with early release from lockdown and with a combined population of 72.79 million, reported just 6987 COVID-19-related deaths.  The virus has a political preference.

None dare call this murder, for a coronavirus that arrived on time for a Bill Gates sponsored “Event 21” pandemic drill.

What about hydroxychloroquine, the drug the President took along with zinc?

Josh Mitteldorf writing at explains two prestigious medical journals had to withdraw their condemning reports on hydroxychloroquine when outside reviewers requested the data for review.  The Lancet said hydroxychloroquine was “worse than useless.”  A fraud investigation should have ensued, says Mitteldorf, who doesn’t stop there.  He asks, with two Nobel Laureates citing evidence COVID-19 “seems to be man-made,” why isn’t the scientific community or the mainstream news press turning over rocks to investigate further?

You may never get your “immunity passport”

Of acute concern are “immunity passports” that are a proposed requirement for air travel.  Those individuals who developed immunity without antibodies would not be granted passports.

Ben Lazarus, a features editor for the UK’s MAIL ON SUNDAY, tested positive for COVID-19 in March of 2020 but subsequently tested negative in three successive tests in the following month.  Does this mean natural immunity is not lasting and even vaccination would wane and repeated immunizations will be required.  No one knows for sure.

A just-released study of hospital workers who were exposed to infected patients reveals only 4% of 23,000 had antibodies, but researchers estimate 25% contracted the COVID-19 disease.

Professor Karol Sikora, an advisor to The World Health Organization says: “the majority of (COVID-19 coronavirus) infected patients have a negative antibody test even though they have had the coronavirus.”  Based upon available data, maybe only 10% of COVID-19-infected patients develop antibodies, says Dr. Sikora.

Maybe potentially-toxic heavy metals like aluminum or mercury (Thimerosal) would be needed to provoke a stronger antibody reaction. Killer High: A History... Andreas, Peter Best Price: $19.48 Buy New $19.49 (as of 05:30 EDT - Details)

People infected with the SARS coronavirus a decade ago generated protective immunity for up to 10 years.  So COVID-19 may be a worse monster than first realized because immunity doesn’t appear to be long-lasting.

Dr. Arthur Edridge of Amsterdam University, has tracked ten coronavirus-infected individuals from 1985 to 2020.  These patients experienced bouts of infection between 3 and 22 times each over a 35-year period.  Dr. Edridge concludes the human body only develops short-term immunity from coronaviruses.  In another recent study, antibody levels declined by 50% in 6-months and 75% after nine months.

Repeat vaccination

Anthony Fauci, director of the US National Institute of Infectious Diseases, says natural immunity (without vaccines) for coronaviruses is not long-lived, inside of a year.

Vaccinologist Greg Polland MD of the Mayo Clinic says immunity for seasonal coronaviruses may last several years or as little as 80 days.

It’s potentially a bonanza for vaccine makers.  A COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine may have to be administered over and over.

That doesn’t rule out there will be other ways to produce long-term antibodies, but it certainly casts a pall over current efforts to eradicate this pathogenic cold virus.

Human populations would be perpetually held in lockdown if antibodies are the only measure of effectiveness of natural immunity or vaccine induced immunity.  Few will be able to obtain an “immunity passport.”

Antibody therapy

Instead of provoking antibodies with vaccines, some laboratories attempt to instill antibodies themselves into infected patients.

Scripps Institute researchers have discovered super-powerful antibodies against COVID-19 coronavirus.  These antibodies can be mass produced.  Antibody sequences from B cells (bone marrow-derived cells) were gleaned and even in tiny quantities, blocked the virus in the animal lab.  Commercial application is still months away though.

Researchers at Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, New York City, report two monoclonal antibodies have been isolated that block viral entry into cells by 98-99%.

Early studies show that antibodies gleaned from recovered acute-stage COVID-19 patients can provide neutralizing antibodies that reduce fever, but the improvement took three days. Machiavelli: The Art o... Boucheron, Patrick Best Price: $6.19 Buy New $5.99 (as of 03:30 EDT - Details)

Researchers in China report blood plasma rich in neutralizing antibodies is able to reduce the viral load in COVID-19 patients to undetectable levels.  Another study conducted in China reveals blood plasma from COVID-19 survivors hastened recovery in severely ill patients by 5 days, with 91% survival versus 68% compared a group of patients who were not treated with plasma.  The FDA approved blood plasma therapy in May of 2020.

The improbability of a COVID-19 vaccine

Only months into the viral pandemic researchers are grappling with a different phenomenon than they have faced with any other virus (save for Dengue Fever) — antibody-enhancement.  The natural antibodies that are produced to quell COVID-19 infection, infect immune cells such as macrophages that normally ingest virally-infected cells.  The immune system itself is infected.

How COVID-19 disarms your immune system

COVID-19 coronavirus deactivates interferon, a natural anti-inflammatory agent.  Interferon is the “initial alarm” of the immune system.  COVID-19 turns off the fire alarm.

T-cells, T-cells, T-cells

Dr. Karol Sikora points to T-cells which are activated prior to antibodies as being the likely agent that overcame COVID-19 infection.

Gus Dalgleish, professor of oncology at the University College London, says he believes “the majority of people fight the virus with T-cells, based on research so far.”   T-cells decline with advancing age notes Dalgleish.

A study conducted by Rockefeller University examined blood samples of 149 recovered patients and found every patient’s immune system generated antibodies, just not enough of them, says a report in the Daily Mail (June 7, 2020).  Maybe antibodies simply aren’t permanent.  So-called memory T-cells produce antibodies that may last a lifetime.  Maybe that sub-set of T-cells isn’t being produced sufficiently.

T-cell activity is not a current measure of vaccine effectiveness.  Only antibodies are.  And therein lies the problem.  If you don’t develop measurable antibodies you are going to get thrown back into quarantine or refused a “immunity passport” for air travel.  The scientific community knows it is on a road to nowhere and isn’t responding in a timely manner.

Two types of T-cells

There are two types of T-cells: CD4s for immune maintenance and CD8 for eradication of pathogens.  When these CD4 and CD8 T-cells become overactive, an autoimmune reaction takes place.  The body attacks itself and destroys tissues and organs.  Various drugs are employed to dampen CD4 autoimmunity/allergy, but these drugs also impair immunity and therefore, vulnerability to infectious disease.

CD4 T-cells have distinct advantages over antigens (allergens, germs).  The subcutaneous (under the skin) administration of antigens (i.e. vaccination) allows a lower dose of the immune provoking CD4 cells to be activated.  The objective is to normalize the immune response so as not to damage tissues and organs, what is commonly experienced in autoimmune disorders.

Vaccination and T-cells

While modern medicine is in denial, there is a growing body of scientific literature showing a connection between vaccination and autoimmunity.  The human immune system is designed to recognize the difference between “self” and “non-self” molecules.  “Non-self” molecules like bacteria and viruses are attacked and abolished by an army of white blood cells and T-cells.  When the immune system is overly sensitive it can be switched on by “self-molecules,” your own tissues and organs, not just “non-self” proteins.  Vaccines are documented to cause confusion between “self and non-self-molecules” to induce chronic autoimmune reactions.

Something is missing

Mayo Clinic’s Greg Polland says: “there’s an immunological secret locked up in the long class of coronaviruses that we don’t understand yet.” (Read below)

Resveratrol: the immune system normalizer

In 2004 researchers at Harvard reported a red wine molecule (resveratrol), in a superior manner to other molecules, activates a survival gene called Sirtuin1.  Any physical or mental stress activates Sirtuin1.

When studying the immune response, the removal of the Sirtuin1 gene from living cells overly sensitizes the ability of the body to tolerate and withstand infectious or allergic agents. In other words, the Sirtuin1 gene keeps a lid on the human immune system.

In an oversimplified explanation, T-cells can become excessively active and this becomes autoimmune disease. Resveratrol does the opposite via the Sirtuin1 gene.

With the Sirtuin1 gene intact, some level of allergens and germs are “tolerated.”  Resveratrol via activation of Sirtuin1 inhibits T-cell activation and reduces inflammation.  Therefore, resveratrol is an immune system normalizer.

Resveratrol calms a cytokine (sî-toe-keen) inflammatory storm, the same storm that is involved in acute respiratory attack posed by COVID-19 coronavirus.  Resveratrol has been demonstrated to inhibit infection specifically by coronaviruses.

In the laboratory animals were immunized with a peptide (two or more amino acids) to provoke autoimmune inflammation in the brain (encephalitis).  Resveratrol was then employed to activate the Sirtuin1 gene and quell the autoimmune riot.

The Sirtuin1 gene is very abundant in the thymus gland where T-cells are produced.  The chart below shows how well resveratrol (green) inhibits autoimmune encephalitis in animals after vaccination.

This knowledge has application for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and many other autoimmune disorders, but goes ignored in modern medicine.

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