How the Left Finally Found Trump’s Achilles

During the summer of 2016 I was interviewed by several radio talk show hosts and a German newspaper who asked of my views of the presidential race.  I predicted at the time that Trump would be the next president.  They all politely refrained from laughing — at least while I was within earshot.  My main reason for making this prediction was: 1) the notoriously fraudulent business of political “polling” which at the time was predicting a Hillary Clinton landslide; and 2) Trump’s stupendous popularity at campaign rallies all across the country.

For months I had been watching entirely online scenes of 70,000 people or more gathering at some large convention center to hear a Trump campaign speech.  There was virtually none – none! – of this on any network television since all of the networks except for FOX are the propaganda arms of the Democrat National Committee.  At the same time there were short snippets online and on television of Hillary Clinton “rallies.” Some of them showed dark, almost empty rooms at a hotel somewhere with maybe 200 people, most of whom were probably DNC plants.  She did hold larger choreographed rallies, of course, but these almost-empty ones spoke volumes about her “popularity.”  She also did not help herself by labeling 65 million voters as “deplorable” racists, sexists, homophobes, etc. to a televised laughing and jeering crowd of Democrat supporters.  This is what convinced me that Trump was going to win, and shock just about everyone.

The Problem with Socia... Thomas DiLorenzo Best Price: $9.49 Buy New $11.93 (as of 06:45 EST - Details) This main ingredient of Trump’s historical victory in 2016 has been completely undermined by the planned-demic.  “Social distancing rules” prohibit little league baseball games, let alone a 70,000 person Trump rally.  Just as important as the rallies themselves was what Trump was saying at them, which did get reported – mostly through social media, not the Democrats’ kept puppies at CNN, MSNBC, See-B.S., etc.  These things obviously struck a chord with millions of voters, since he won the election.  All of this is now gone; there likely won’t be any such rallies.  Furthermore, there has been a striking change in how Trump communicates with the public.  His strength was his spontaneity.  That’s how he defeated sixteen Republican candidates and the Clinton Crime Family.  But with the planned-demic he has apparently been convinced by his advisors to read bureaucratic gobbledygook from a telepompter like all the other “respectable” Republican Party losers in Washington do.  He made snide comments about it at first, but now seems resigned to continuing it.  Figuratively speaking, Trump’s left (political) achilles heel has been ruptured.

Then comes the lockdown, the destruction of most of the economy, and the abolition of the rule of law once and for all.  Trump’s second major strength was his reputation as a successful businessman with a decades-long record of getting things done, not just promising and then never performing, as is the case with every single member of Congress and the entire federal bureaucracy.  This in fact is the primary reason why the Washington establishment has such a red hot hatred of the president:  He speaks this truth about them to the American public.

Just two-and-a-half months ago he was loudly boasting of the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, and the lowest unemployment rates among blacks and Hispanics.  A total disaster for the Democrats, who understand that with presidential elections it’s always about “The Economy, Stupid!,” as Clinton sychophant James Carville famously said.  This, too, is in the process of being taken away from Trump.  The order has gone out from the DNC to all Democrat governors, mayors, and even city council members:  If you want a future in Democrat Party politics, you must destroy your state’s economy and keep it destroyed as long as possible in order to reduce Trump’s chances for re-election.  This is why virtually all the Democrat governors (and extreme NeverTrumpers like Maryland’s Governor Larry Hogan) are threatening The End of the World if even one single barber shop is to open in their state.  The Republican governors have been slightly better, but not by much, in realizing that economic destitution also carries with it health costs, and probably costs that exceed whatever ends up being the human costs of the “COVID” cold virus. Organized Crime: The U... Thomas J. DiLorenzo Best Price: $11.82 Buy New $10.79 (as of 06:00 EST - Details)

The Democrats’ worst nightmare is that the warm weather (as I write this the forecast for New York City in three days is 84 degrees) will cause this cold virus to disappear, as all others usually do once the cold-and-flu season ends in May or early June every year.  Even if this occurs, their stooges in the “mainstream media” will spend the next several months continuing their reign of terror about a theoretical return of the deadly virus (the death rate of which even Dr. Brixx now says is exaggerated by the CDC by 25%).  In short, any kind of economic recovery before the election is the Democrats’ worst nightmare; they will do anything they can to avoid it.

This is Tump’s right (political) achilles heel.  Taking away his ability to boast of his economic accomplishments and to display his popularity through those monster campaign rallies will make it almost impossible for him to win.

Of course, it is likely that after the election will come stagflation – rising price inflation and unemployment, the latter caused by the inevitable bursting of another round of Fed-created bubbles in the economy.  That’s a story for another day.