This Is a Funny Kind of Pandemic, Featuring Empty Hospitals

The way this whole thing has played out shows me that there simply is no “novel corona virus”, at least not in the sense that the media is pushing it. A pandemic identifies itself by killing large numbers of people very quickly and by spreading across the planet in short order. If there actually was a pandemic, those two features would be overwhelmingly evident and there would be no need for a 24/7 media push to cement the idea onto the minds of people. If there was an actual pandemic, the sheer number of deaths and new cases of infection would be irrefutably evident, with massively overrun hospitals and mass burials in every country on Earth.

Will You Be Richer or ... Smith, Charles Hugh Best Price: $10.99 Buy New $11.55 (as of 05:55 EST - Details) This is a funny kind of pandemic, though; featuring empty hospitals, comparatively very few deaths, plenty of time for politicians to bumble around making ridiculous statements, and absolutely no evidence of any spread of any single disease that can be proven to be due to this supposed “new virus”. This pandemic also features an almost infinite list of symptoms, and claims that infected carriers are asymptomatic. How convenient for those pushing this fraud.

Another feature of this new kind of pandemic is that deaths from other diseases seem to have stopped almost entirely. See: Death rates in the United States have been going down, not up (April 24, 2020 by Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser)

If you pay attention to the news, you might assume that record numbers of people are dying. The opposite is true.

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