The Coronavirus Response: The Ultimate Goal is Control of All Humanity

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organised habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.~ Edward L. Bernays (1930). “Propaganda”

Propaganda is the most useful tool of those that desire to hold power over others, and for the global ruling class, this equates to power over all. It is first necessary to create some sort of broad chaos or crisis in order to present a particular scenario meant to initiate fear. This will immediately trigger the herd mentality in the masses, and an escape toward safety will be sought. The next step once the herd is gathered is to first offer protection, and then to offer a solution to guarantee future safety. Once the herd accepts this premise, control by small outside forces becomes possible. As long as the propaganda continues and is accepted by the herd, which requires a continuance of fear, the more control that will evident.

Propaganda Bernays, Edward Best Price: $14.83 Buy New $9.91 (as of 03:56 UTC - Details) This is exactly what has happened as of late due to a false pandemic called Covid-19, which in effect is simply a normal flu-like sickness blown completely out of proportion by design. The only way that this fraud could have advanced to this current level, is if the propaganda campaign not only fooled large numbers of people, but the entire world’s populations. This has never happened before in history, and that is part of the reason it has been such a successful takeover of humanity. The larger the lie, the more people that are captured due to that lie, and this lie has been the biggest deception of all time. No dictator, king, or murdering tyrant in the past could have ever conceived of such a world takeover as this, and would stand in awe at its scope.

We are now facing things that have never occurred, and this alone will help to keep the common hordes dazed and confused while the criminal manipulators continue their assault on all of us, eliminating as much freedom as possible along the way. As freedom disappears, resistance will lessen, regardless whether the loss of individual freedom is accomplished by voluntary reaction or by force. This might seem contrary to what would normally be expected, but the more the people give up their freedom to seek safety for what is falsely claimed as being for the common good, the more the individual will be shunned and shamed. Without acceptance of individual intellect and truth, dissent will fade and any control by the people will eventually be lost. With that loss of control comes a loss of freedom.

Those that are responsible for this massive coup are few, but those involved in its implementation include many. The many are made up of all the enforcers, including the entire political class from bottom to top, the police, the military, and even much of the compliant citizenry; those that are the eyes of the state that voluntarily monitor their neighbors due to false fear. These are pathetic ignoramuses, for they are directly responsible for causing their own enslavement by helping to advance the agenda of their masters. Most of them have no concept of this contradiction, for they are not able mentally to grasp the reality of their actions.

So what is the goal sought by the perpetrators of this massive pandemic fraud? The ultimate goal is total control of all humanity, but once the general populace is mostly subdued, the many agendas desired by those in power can be more easily achieved. Those agendas cover a lot of territory, so this is a complicated strategy, but the basic plan has several very important mandates that are necessary for the future. Crosman SNR357 .177-Ca... Buy New $56.69 (as of 03:56 UTC - Details)

The U.S. economy, and most large economic systems worldwide, have failed, and are being artificially supported in order to keep the people at bay during this global debacle. This is temporary, for most all economies are already finished, and a new global system is desired in order to sustain the appearance of legitimate economies and markets. The collapse will be blamed conveniently on this coronavirus, but that is just a cover for creating a new monetary system with digital money, tracking of everything and every transaction, social scoring, internal passports (papers), and centralized control of all essential goods, services, and natural resources.

Most of the major wealth in this country is controlled by about 1% of the population, but with this reaction to the pandemic scare, especially the purposeful economic destruction that has happened, things will continue to get much worse as time goes by. Because of this manufactured pandemic, the wealth shift that was planned all along due to a structured depression in asset prices, the top 1% will end up doubling their wealth at the expense of us all. With 50 million people or more soon to be out of work, many for good, businesses shutting down nationwide, food shortages, enhanced health risks, and mass poverty, control by the state will be easier to achieve, especially as technocratic systems continue to be advanced.

One of the major agendas sought by those running this country is population control. This control includes not only physical and mental control of entire populations, but also includes controlling population numbers. What is happening and being planned is a eugenicist’s dream. Those like Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, the WHO, the CDC, the major pharmaceutical companies, and the heads of the “healthcare” systems are of course all involved, and this may be the most sinister aspect of this entire fraud. I believe the most major agenda item at this time is mandatory global vaccination, and the goal is to vaccinate all 8 billion people on earth. Many agendas will be accomplished with this heinous plan now widely accepted by not only the controlling elite, but by the political system as well. awesafe Gun Safe with ... Buy New $159.00 (as of 03:56 UTC - Details)

This vaccination plan has been in place for decades, and the manner in which to accomplish this goal has been in place for very many years under the guise of “health safety.” Nothing could be more ludicrous. Vaccination of everyone leaves open the possibility to massively reduce the world’s population though death, weakened immune systems, permanent DNA alteration, sterilization of mass populations, and microchip implanting through vaccination that would allow for 100% monitoring and control of everyone. This is not science fiction, but has already been planned by Bill Gates, as he has major control of most all government and private “healthcare” organizations and NGOs worldwide. His connections are from the White House, to most major country’s governments, and to most all “health” related systems globally. He owns many vaccine companies, and all associated companies to accomplish his and other’s mission of population control. His agendas cannot be allowed to go forward.

So what does our future hold if mass resistance is not forthcoming? This new SARS-related virus called Covid-19 was almost certainly created in a U.S. lab, and although not nearly as deadly as propagated by government and media, and in fact, most likely less dangerous than the common flu, it was the catalyst necessary to fool the people so as to gain control over large populations. This government has the ability to produce very dangerous biological weapons, and can produce at will any multitude of viruses that would be much more deadly than this one, and could do so without detection. With a second wave certainly coming, and if necessary, a third and fourth wave, what will be next? Will it be Covid, or something much worse? Will it kill just enough to continue the lockdowns, or will it be much more devastating the next time around? It is coming, and it is this writer’s opinion that this is leading to the end game, and will not go away, or be temporary, but will be taken as far as is necessary and possible in order for the ruling class to gain total control. There is little time left.