For Whom The Covid-19 Bell Tolls

What Big-Government, Fascist, Left-Wing Indoctrinationists Never Thought Would Happen: Homeschooling, The End Of Doctoring, Reliance On Self-Care, Vitamin Pills In Place Of Vaccines And Maybe Even Gold-Backed Money

What’s next?

The COVID-19 coronavirus lockdown has brought about unexpected changes in the fabric of America.  Whomever is behind the evil events that have transpired around the globe in the past five months knows what will come next.  Forced vaccination?  Welfare payments for all?  Permanent school closures?

The federal government created this mess with its lockdown, so now the populace is only left to plea to government for relief.  Any resistance to government, which is what this country was founded upon (limited powers) has been thrown to the winds.  The last whimper of resistance came from a President who advised what the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” -Ronald Reagan

Somewhere in the following two catch phrases, we realize Americans have lost any resistance in dealing with the overreach of government: The Well-Adjusted Chil... Gathercole, Rachel Best Price: $1.99 Buy New $19.00 (as of 04:45 UTC - Details)

“If we have to kill 12 people to save 1 human life, it will have been worth it.” – Unknown

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom.  It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” – William Pitt

We are at a disadvantage.  We can only be reactionary and defensive.  Like a friend of mine said, when you go up to bat in baseball you have to realize the pitcher has the advantage.  He knows what is coming next, you don’t.

The flip side of the coronavirus lockdown

But there is another ironic side to this unprecedented social engineering project that is underway.

  • Who would have ever thought that mothers, fearful of their children being infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus, aren’t thinking of taking their kids to the doctor for shots after the epidemic is over.
  • Who would have thought that doctors, fearful of getting infected by their patients, are retiring for good, ushering in an era of self-care.
  • Who would have thought the masses would be taking vitamins instead of Big Pharma’s drugs to protect against the COVID-19?
  • Who would have thought that parents may not be taking their kids back to school come Fall and have decided to homeschool.

If this moment in time is truly intended to reform and correct a false economy and to bring about lasting quality of life, then maybe some of the following things will happen, some good, some bad.  Regardless of any intended reforms, in some instances the citizenry has taken charge and refused to follow instructions by their overseers.  Here is what Americans could possibly see happen in the coming months: Fire Your Doctor! How ... Andrew Saul Best Price: $6.40 Buy New $1.99 (as of 11:00 UTC - Details)

1. According to economist John Williams, the U.S. is increasing money supply by 15-20%. That could mean inflation of 15-20%.  The U.S. Federal Reserve quotes 2.2% inflation which is its target number and the financial press conveniently publishes that number to the masses. But actual inflation prior to the entry of the COVID-19 virus has been ~6% according to, meaning a worker would have to ask for a 6-percent pay raise every year to keep up with inflation.  Well, now that number may rise to 20%.

2. This is how the idea of a guaranteed income arose. Low-income workers are doomed.  America has a real plague of low income workers (53 million workers — 44% of all workers — who have low-wage jobs of ~$10/hour and annual incomes of less $20,000; many of these being females with children in part-time jobs).  Something must be done apart from price controls to keep the price of food, energy, housing and transportation from pushing millions of Americans into the street.  If we don’t maintain free markets and competition the price of food will never go down.  Recognize, the federal government bought 1.4 billion pounds of cheese that it has stockpiled.  Rather than reduce dairy subsidies the USDA has been paying to have surplus milk made into cheese.  Food banks could use this cheese, especially now.

3. Many Americans fear 5-G networks for reasons of imagined gene mutations, impaired immunity and electronic toxicity. The problem with that thinking is, so does sunlight.  That drivel serves to distract from the real intent of the 5-G revolution. The impetus to usher in 5-G satellite networks is to bring in an age of robotic “workers” and AI-controlled vehicles.   This will be the new division of labor in America.  5G is needed so there is no lag-time in commanding these electronic slaves.

Robots will replace human labor, in particular low-skilled/low-income workers whose repetitive work can be automated.   By bumping millions of workers performing menial labor out of a job makes room for the 5-G controlled robots. Doctor Yourself: Natur... Saul, Andrew W PH.D. Best Price: $24.27 Buy New $28.28 (as of 03:19 UTC - Details)

Then the U.S. will have a highly productive labor force of 24/7 robots that never require sick-time, vacations, or even FICA deductions out of their paychecks to fund Medicare and Social Security.  While this advancement makes America more competitive and independent, this new division of labor scuttles any idea of funding Medicare in its present form.  Un-skilled immigrants won’t be coming to America for jobs any longer.  Some may return to their country of origin.  Social welfare costs will decline.

Thus the U.S. will be able, via AI robotic labor, shed itself from reliance upon cheap foreign labor overseas to produce many products it now imports.  AI is a shot to the heart of China.  The Chinese will have to start paying their labor more money to create their own consumer economy.  (However, even China intends to utilize robotic labor.). The problem is, robotics and AI are a bonanza for the wealthy.  Where will the menial laborers go?  This question is asked with regard to the forecast by that the American population will decline by 230 million over the next five years.  Maybe the movie Soylent Green, which attempted to show what the U.S. would be like in 2022, was prescient.

4. The U.S. may sell off $16.8 trillion of its estimated $200 trillion of assets (oil leases, empty post office buildings, veterans’ hospitals, military bases) and bring the National Debt to zero, making the U.S. a creditor nation rather than a debtor nation. President Trump ordered the General Accounting Office to appraise the value of U.S. assets and came up with that $200 trillion figure.  Then the $574 billion in interest paid on the National Debt would vanish, the largest tax cut in history.

5. We would expect to see currency reform. There is talk of gold-backed currency, maybe in bitcoin form rather than paper money.  Gold-backed money is one way to fight inflation and stabilize the value of money and halt the practice of printing more money just prior to elections to win re-election, which is what is going on now.The U.S. has eleven aircraft carriers.  Any country that threatens to go to a gold-backed currency gets an aircraft carrier off their coastline.  Our fiat currency is backed by nothing more than the confidence we bestow upon it (good faith and credit of the United States).  Printing money to the point of absurdity (think Zimbabwe million-dollar paper money that was worth pennies), which is what is going on now, could make the U.S. dollar nearly worthless.  Then again, this might be used to usher in gold-backed currency.  Crash the currency to force a gold standard.  President Trump brought in Judy Shelton to study such an idea. Curing the Incurable: ... Levy, MD JD Thomas E Best Price: $22.60 Buy New $18.89 (as of 08:55 UTC - Details)

Also, maybe currency reform will be an opportunity to devalue the currency – maybe -30% on the dollar.

The U.S. owes over $1 trillion to Japan and China respectively.  If Japan or China decides to sell off their U.S. Treasury Notes (IOUs) at a 30% discount, the U.S. dollar would be worth 30% less in international trade.  The cost of imported good would soar.  It is difficult for the U.S. to compete with countries that internationally devalue their currency to out-compete American companies for business. A devalued dollar helps America compete internationally.

The problem is, the U.S. dollar is the reserve currency used in foreign exchange.  For example, when one country is buying something from the U.S., the other country’s currency must be converted to U.S. dollars.  Also, when economies weaken, foreign countries tend to buy U.S. dollars which they believe are safer.  The value of the U.S. dollar is somewhat determined by demand.

So, we must be prepared for something like devaluation of our currency.  This may be a move on the chessboard.  If you think unwelcome changes like this can be avoided, think twice.  Here is a chart from the CPA Journal that displays the unsustainable future America faces:

6. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are quasi-government entities that serve as a backstop for home loans that have soured. We should Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shift to privatization.  President Trump has signed an executive order for that to happen.  These quasi-governmental organizations serve as a dumping ground for lenders to send their bad non-performing loans.  Wall Street is balking, but take away the dumping ground for bad home loans and maybe the banks won’t offer them anymore.  The lending industry would immediately be cleansed.  Already the mortgage industry has tightened home lending requirements, something that should have happened in the aftermath of the 2008 financial collapse.  You now actually have to have a job to get a home loan! The 9 Steps to Keep th... Buttar, Rashid A. Best Price: $36.68 Buy New $21.56 (as of 04:50 UTC - Details)

By the way, home values are now next to zero.  On a supply-and-demand basis, there is probably little if no demand to buy a house at the present moment.  Why should homeowners make their mortgage payments when the value of their property is zero and the lender has received a multi-billion-dollar bailout?

7. The era of doctoring is over. Many doctors have suddenly retired.  Hospitals are closing.  High-cost modern medicine has driven itself out of business.  Hopefully, an era of self-care may be ushered in to replace it. In the midst of an infectious disease lockdown, self-care is almost all that Americans have because they fear going to doctors’ offices and hospitals where they may acquire the dreaded COVID-19 coronavirus.

Unimaginably, the coronavirus epidemic has literally wiped out store shelves of natural remedies such as vitamins C, D and zinc.  Americans are learning to stay healthy without doctoring.  Even hospitals have now prescribed vitamins and minerals for their protocols to treat COVID-19 coronavirus in-patients.  This includes zinc lozenges.

I’ve written about the bewildered cardiologists in the U.S. who want to know where all their cardiac patients have gone.  A 30% decline in mortal heart attacks is guesstimated.  The disappearance of vitamin C pills from store shelves may be the answer as to why.  The same thing happened in 1970 when Linus Pauling published a book entitled VITAMIN C AND THE COMMON COLD.  The refusal of modern medicine to embrace preventive care is being exposed.  Will the people ever return to their doctors?

One nutraceutical, resveratrol, could replace almost all cardiac drugs as it is a blood thinner, vasodilator (widens constricted blood vessels), prevents damage to heart muscle during a heart attack, actually stimulates collateral circulation much like internal bypass surgery, and even inhibits growth of coronaviruses.  This remarkable natural remedy is shunned by modern medicine.  Maybe now it will get a second look as prevention may save the day in health care.

Childhood vaccinations have temporarily been suspended during the COVID-19 lockdown.  Now mothers are not sure about the safety of taking their children to the doctor’s office, given 30% of those affected are healthcare workers.  The vaccine model of health has become impractical.  Over 70 approved vaccines and another 240 under development.  By age 18 children receive 51-54 vaccine doses (shots or oral). There is strong evidence that vaccination induces autoimmune disorders.  How many jabs can our children tolerate?

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) reports UNVACCINATED kids are far healthier.  CHD is citing an authoritative study published at SAGE OPEN MEDICINE that reveals vaccinated children are twice as likely to experience developmental delays and ear infections and four times as likely to develop asthma compared to unvaccinated children.

It may not take long for mothers of small children to learn that zinc activates T-cells produced in the thymus gland to produce antibodies against each and every pathogen children (and adults) are exposed to.  No need for vaccines.  Instead of vaccinating against each and every disease, the thymus gland produces antibodies against all of them as a child is naturally exposed.  Zinc supplementation represents a natural alternative to vaccination, as explained at Who would have ever thought this would happen? The Read-Aloud Family:... Mackenzie, Sarah Best Price: $6.40 Buy New $7.89 (as of 05:04 UTC - Details)

8. The advantages of home schooling are now being considered by many parents. A survey shows six in ten parents are likely to homeschool in the next academic year.  The era of indoctrination education (examples: global warming, socialism, evolution, guaranteed medical care for all, guaranteed income, etc. ) may be over for many who choose to school at home.  The distaste for the politicization of education has brought about a push back by conservatives like Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla in the movie NO SAFE SPACES (see trailer).

Americans need to stop being so servile.  Americans are not here to please government.  It is supposed to be the other way around.

Throw down your useless masks and breathe the fresh air of freedom again!  Not convinced you’ve been duped over masks? Listen to health educator Peggy Hall inform how to defend your right to breathe and avoid brain damage (Watch parts 1,2,3,4,5).  Learn how to get your own MEDICAL CONDITION CARD at the  Learn there is no law that forces you to wear a mask. There are guidelines, but not laws.

The big, BIG, BIG story is that most of these unexpected changes are citizen driven.   The President gets some credit for planned reforms, but not until they take place.  This is not a political revolution.  It is individual Americans and families by virtue of their aggregate independent decisions that are pushing back against government tyranny.  Big Pharma with its 240 upcoming vaccines is going down for the fall and is responsible for its own undoing.  Big BANKSTERS may finally be reigned in — no more endless amounts of money that erodes the public’s wealth.  Self-care drives a stake into the delivery of health care that has previously been delivered on doctors’ terms.  The vitamin fanatics were right all along.  Now just how to wash the censorship out of the news media’s mouth with soap?  The best way to halt fake news is to stop watching or reading it.  The news media is a front for its big business advertisers.  Let’s put a halt to the propaganda together, regardless of which side of the political aisle you are on!  Health, wealth and freedom are apolitical.