Inclusivity, Diversity and the Coronavirus

In the United States, and all around the world, there are scientists in laboratories, busily working on finding a medicine to cure those afflicted with the coronavirus, and/or a vaccine, to prevent others from contracting this dread disease.

All well and good you say? Not so fast. There is a problem here, a big one. Our precious tenets of inclusivity and diversity are not being adhered to. Virtually all of the chemists, biologists, STEM PhDs and others of that ilk are straight white males! This is intolerable. This must not be allowed to continue! Are we fair weather supporters of inclusivity and diversity, or do we seriously uphold these crucially important principles? If the latter, we must do all that we can to dismiss, not all, we’re reasonable here, but many of the evil straight white males from these laboratories. We must replace them with lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals, blacks, gays, bisexuals, the transgendered, the intersex, queer/questioning, asexual, the non-binary, the pansexual, Hispanics, women, Eskimos, Native Americans, the disabled and other denigrated and deprived groups.

The Madness of Crowds:... Murray, Douglas Best Price: $15.44 Buy New $13.99 (as of 03:02 UTC - Details) What’s this you say? That members of these other groups are less qualified than the cis-gendered white males presently occupying these positions? Yes, true, but that is only because of rampant discrimination on the part of the aforesaid evil white males. Had admission to these STEM Ph.D. programs been fair in the first place (that is, based on inclusivity and diversity), we would have had laboratories filled with people who look just like the rest of us.

What, you have another objection to my modest proposal? (People who question or disagree with me are Fascists, and you’re beginning to sound like one. However, we live in unusual times, and I’m willing to consider yet another objection of yours). You claim that we are less likely to find a cure or a vaccine for Covid 19 if we ferret out white males, not all of them to be sure, just many of them, and replace them with salt of the earth folk (that is, everyone except a straight white cis gendered male)? Nonsense. Nonsense on stilts! You only make this objection because you have been taken in by the propaganda of the evil straight white cis gendered males. You want some proof? Black people have in the past accounted for numerous and important scientific discoveries, as have women. Go look it up if you doubt me. Or, see below for evidence that will make your head spin.

But let us consider your point arguendo. It is totally wrong, as the evidence I just adduced amply demonstrates, but let us consider the contrary to fact conditional: to the extent we kick out of the nation’s laboratories many of the evil straight white cis gendered males, and replace them with members of downtrodden groups, we will reduce the probability of finding cures and vaccines for the coronavirus. (This mere contention of yours makes me so angry I could scream. It emanates, only, from the fascist side of the political economic spectrum. Nevertheless, I will condescend to respond to it, even though what you so richly deserve for raising this point is a punch in the nose, and banishment from any university, whether as a professor or a guest speaker; and if you dare show up in one of these venues, a punch in the nose is what you’ll get. We’ve treated Charles Murray in a similar manner, and we’ll do the same to you).

Boundaries of Order: P... Shaffer, Butler Best Price: $9.29 Buy New $11.95 (as of 04:00 UTC - Details) The answer to this objection is So What! There are more important things than saving lives; promotion of inclusivity and diversity is one of them. Whenever we promote inclusivity and diversity we do it at the cost of something else (remember, I am still in the arguendo mode; I do not for a moment believe that dismissing evil straight white cis gendered males from the scientific workshops of the nation will have any negative effects on discoveries). This occurs in every field it is applied to: medicine, philosophy, economics, physics, mathematics, whatever.

Another point, now that you are finished with your fascistic whining: disproportionately more blacks than whites are succumbing to Covid 19. Why is this? I know why it is: it is due to the fact that a disproportionate number of evil straight white cis gendered males are now in charge of science departments and laboratories. Don’t ask me how they do it. But we have here a clear case of disparate impact. We can deduce from statistics of this sort, alone, discriminatory practices.

I hope by now I have convinced everyone of my thesis: out with many of the evil straight white cis gendered males, and in with members of groups that have long been victimized by them. I feel so strongly that I am now announcing a pledge: we will not avail ourselves of any medicine or vaccine guaranteed cure or prevent this virus until and unless our non-negotiable demands are met.

I’ll soon be circulating a petition to this effect on these pages. If you have even a modicum of social justice in your hearts, you’ll be ready to sign up. I’m going to ask my high school buddy Bernie to co chair this effort. Surely, he’ll agree to do so.

Wait, I forgot all about evil straight white cis gendered Jewish males. Surely, Jews are disproportionately responsible for this present evil, too.

Here are some interesting facts to ponder: Defending the Undefend... Walter Block Best Price: $1.99 Buy New $10.80 (as of 07:55 UTC - Details)

* In 2017 not a single black person earned a Ph.D. in “a dozen academic fields—largely STEM related”

* “… the proportion of black men at the Ph.D. level more than doubled between 1992 and 2012, but from a very low base of only 1 percent to 2 percent of all STEM degrees…”

* Women earn about 40% of all STEM Ph.D.s while men account for roughly 60%

St. Olaf College in Minnesota has the right idea. They are holding ceremonies for all graduating seniors except for white males. This policy should be applied far more widely.


Male female differences in STEM phds.

No black stem related phds in 2017.

Black STEM phds doubled.

On disproportionate deaths of black people from the virus.

Female scientific discoveries.

Black scientific discoveries.

Jewish scientific discoveries.

I tried to look up white male scientific discoveries, as I did these others, and got this, instead.

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