Is This Virus Fraud a Killing Experiment for Population Control?

Well, maybe not death panels, exactly, but unless we start allocating health-care resources more prudently – rationing, by its proper name – the exploding cost of Medicare will swamp the federal budget.
~Steven Rattner–“Beyond Obamacare”. September 16, 2012.

The day has arrived when freedom has ceased to exist in this country. It still remains a state of mind for those in the masses that have little ability to think critically or to see the reality staring them in the face. This is symptomatic of a population in mental turmoil, this brought about by long-term indoctrination leading to mass ignorance and blind nationalism. The tyrants of all past history must be smiling as they look upon the United States today, a perfect totalitarian storm of two classes. One is the political elite and powerful, and the other is the rest of society; weak and dependent on their masters. Once any country’s people succumb to obedience, all that is left is slavery.

A time has come when all are told where they may go, what they are allowed to do, what they may purchase, what medical care they may or may not receive, how long they must remain in home prisons, and soon they will be told they are required to vaccinate with poison delivered by partners of the criminal state. Control over the population is almost complete, as government is stripping all individuality by eliminating or controlling by force our culture, religion, and independent views and thought, in order to bring about a new order. This order will be a top-down controlling governing system, and one that relies on a frightened and obedient populace. Life as we have known it will cease to exist, as total control of every aspect of societal behavior and economy will be executed by the few while all others remain in a cage of oppression. The 30-Minute Autoimmu... Thompson, Connor Buy New $17.99 (as of 02:51 UTC - Details)

It seems now that one of the underlying objectives of this fraudulent virus scare is to purposely eliminate the weakest among us, while using this manufactured virus as cover for a type of eugenic population control. The disabled, sick, and old are especially vulnerable to all the isolation, and the elimination of medical care that is inherent in the government’s so-called cure for the common cold. This will be a death knell to a particular sector of society. When this planned government takeover of the country runs its initial course, the number of dead from this purposely created response will be extreme, and the huge numbers of victims will not have died from any virus, but due to the murderous policies of government.

The old and infirmed, those that succumb to psychological and physical stress, those that are legitimately dependent on caretakers, and the weak and unhealthy among us, will be decimated due to this hoax. Is that part of the plan? Do the ruling class and their fascist medical system seek the elimination of the weak as part of their desired agenda? Death from government measures in place now will not end when these brutal sanctions against us are temporarily lifted, they will continue to escalate as the damage done will not lessen, and future medical treatment will be forever altered and restricted. This is criminal in every way imaginable, and those who would scoff at these valid accusations have not only become mentally crippled and blinded, but have lost their souls. This is a serious matter, and will adversely affect families across the country, whether now or later, and the lasting effects will be unconscionable.

One must question insanity to find out whether it is truly a lack of control of mind, or is intentional behavior. Medical procedures have been halted. Elective and even required surgeries have been postponed or eliminated entirely. Heart attack victims now are not being accepted in hospitals if they can be resuscitated on site, and hospitals are basically closed to most all health problems other than certain claimed “coronavirus” cases. This is all being done by design, and is all due to government mandate. There are empty hospitals everywhere, but the truly sick are being left to die while critical care is abandoned. This is criminal behavior, but is being allowed and promoted due to the lies about a mystery virus. Shifting blame to a virus eliminates responsibility of government and the medical system, and leaves little recourse for those families harmed by these immoral practices.

It is impossible to not understand the implications of these policies, and those implications are that many will die due the lack of medical care, all because of a calculated elimination of healthcare brought about by orders of government and medical care facilities. This insanity is intentional, and therefore all liability should fall on those responsible for not allowing life-saving care to those in need. In fact, any hospital refusing to treat patients in need should be held physically and economically responsible for all harm caused due to negligence. Laptop Bed Tray Desk, ... Buy New $97.99 (as of 02:51 UTC - Details)

As I have mentioned before, the death toll due to the plotted government response to the alleged Covid-19 outbreak will be massive, and much more than any so-called virus. This is the biggest con-game of all time, and is being perpetrated by governments intent on achieving sinister agendas; agendas based on gaining control of entire populations in advance of an economic collapse that is imminent.

Just like the tyrannical measures put into place after the 9/11 false flag event, the lockdowns, money printing, bailouts of favored corporations and banks, and totalitarian restrictions and legislation created due to this false pandemic, will never go away. They will remain in place forever, and will be used at every opportunity necessary for the state to retain full and total control over every single American. This is a travesty that exposes the evil that is government, an evil unmatched in history.

As mandated quarantines and isolation continue, more and more will die due to these measures. The death count due to the government and “health organization” rules and restrictions will continue to escalate, and as has been happening all along. Most of these deaths will be falsely blamed on this virus instead of the real causes. The death count due to government action during this hoax will be tremendous, and the old, sick, and helpless will continue to be intentionally sacrificed in the name of a lie.

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