Letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci

Excuse me, Dr. Fauci

Shall I get my measles immunity papers also?  You mean I can’t go to work or even get a job without having papers showing I have antibodies against each and every pathogenic disease or others can sue me if they believe I infected them?

And why do I need proof I developed antibodies against COVID-19 coronavirus when the seasonal flu is more harmful, that is according to what the Centers for Disease Control says.  Some 36,000 deaths from influenza every flu season and supposedly only 12,000 deaths from coronavirus this year.

How about my influenza papers, and chicken pox papers, and polio papers, and tuberculosis papers given that migrants in the U.S. spread TB bacterium all over America?

Whatever Happened to P... Richard J. Maybury Best Price: $20.61 Buy New $12.35 (as of 12:27 UTC - Details) And I’m sure you are talking about proof of having sufficient antibodies from natural exposure to COVID-19 coronavirus, but even antibodies won’t ensure you won’t get the disease again.  I don’t have to inform you about that as you are the preeminent infectious disease specialist in the US being in charge of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, so I hope I’m not educating you about that.

And what about the 240 other vaccines that are under development?  Will we need papers for all of those too?  Don’t you think having to inoculate children and adults for over 100 different pathogenic bacteria and viruses would be absurd?  Maybe even insane?

Dr. Fauci, you certainly learned, or should have learned, that the trace mineral zinc is required to make memory T-cells in your thymus gland.  And with sufficient zinc, exposure to ANY pathogenic bacteria or virus, whether we are exposed to them via vaccination or naturally from circulation in the community, will produce memory antibodies that provide life-long immunity.  In other words, vaccines don’t work very well without zinc and we may not even need vaccines if zinc is going to facilitate antibody production from any and all pathogens, do we?

Dr. Fauci, you need a zinc suppository, stat!  Your ideas are as old as Dr. Edward Jenner and his cow pox technology of yesteryear.  Today zinc replaces all those vaccines.  They didn’t tell you this in your virology course in college?

Dr. Fauci, you first.  Show us your papers that you have antibodies against each and every common infectious disease.  Then maybe we can talk.  Until then, go back home and stay in your room.