How Easy Is It To Fool Americans?

What if I told you …….. we know now in the first two decades of the 21st century that viruses, which had made the jump from animals to humans in the recent past, had mutated and targeted vulnerable human populations on earth.   These unsympathetic viruses mounted their attack.  No one would ever guess they were being directed from an outside source.

What if I told you….. Human populations were so entranced in their cell phones they didn’t realize they were walking into a future viral pandemic of unimaginable proportion. The world was not prepared for such a calamity.

What if I told you….. Literally a cloud of air pollution that had been gathering over Wuhan, China caused these viruses to deliver aerosolized virus particles into the lungs of unsuspecting individuals.  This resulted in a severe form of lower- lobe lung pneumonia where the infected literally succumbed to internal drowning.

What if I told you….. These lung infections coordinated with simultaneous and seemingly unconnected light flashes detected on the surface of the planet Mars, which initially went unreported for fear of panicking the masses in the middle of another panic, an event that is only being revealed here and now for the first time anywhere. The War of the Worlds Wells, H. G. Best Price: $2.02 Buy New $5.70 (as of 04:58 UTC - Details)

What if I told you…. There is evidence that control of 5G wi-fi towers has been commandeered from an outer space source 33.9 million miles away.  Even if reported, who on earth would believe it?

Reliable observers failed to correlate seeming disparate data collected by astronomers and epidemiologists.  It was beyond believable.

What if I told you….. 5G radiation directed from an outer-space source mutated the already-spreading virus in targeted individuals.  This confused virologists.  Geneticists were busied themselves, hoping to mutate a similar less virulent virus to counter the more mortal virus and put it competitively into circulation.

And then I told you…. Aliens on Mars then took up a direct attack on earth.  An intercepted audio tape, terrifying as it may be, serves as evidence.   At the risk of ending up incarcerated like Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame, here is the audio tape for your analysis (click below).  You don’t have to listen to the whole tape, it is readily explanatory:

scroll down

No, Martians haven’t come to earth to control 5G and mutate coronaviruses.

I wanted you to listen to the Orson Welles “War Of The Worlds” tape before you continued reading this report.  Orson Welles spellbinding report that Martians landed on Earth was a telling moment in America.  That was 1938. How Fear Works: Cultur... Furedi, Frank Best Price: $10.04 Buy New $10.90 (as of 03:28 UTC - Details)

Oh, I know you are thinking you wouldn’t fall for Orson Welles “fake news” if it were repeated today.

If you didn’t take time to listen to the tape, I’ve taken you through this fictional escapade created by Orson Welles in 1938 which news reports said resulted in people weeping and hiding in the closets of their homes, praying for the Martians to spare them.  Mothers were reported to be holding their babies for the last time.

It was a radio adaptation of H.G. Wells’ novel The War Of The Worlds. 

In reality, Orson Welles’ radio epic really never panicked many.  Retrospectively we find Orson Welles’ War Of The Worlds was actually a myth.  The newspapers of the day needed readers.  About 1 million ran out of their homes upon hearing the broadcast, news reports said.  In fact, the supposed panic was so tiny as to be practically immeasurable on the night of the broadcast, says an NPR report.  But it may have been a harbinger of fake news to come.

And yes, the masses of Americans today may believe they would not be so easily fooled either, but just like yesteryear, the news agencies say otherwise.  And it is that fake panic and fear that starts to gain a hold in a population where people see other people acting like it’s real.  Don’t wear a mask or others will ostracize you!  So, truth become stranger than fiction.

It’s 5g!  April fools!

How many email boxes have been flooded with messages forwarded from some source no one ever heard of, the most popular being an interview with a former Vodafone executive saying 5G is toxic and the certain cause of the coronavirus epidemic?  (I’m not providing a link to that interview, only to spread more misinformation.). How convinced many Americans are that 5G is responsible for the coronavirus epidemic.

An online YouTube presentation at provides convincing demographic maps to show COVID-19 does not correlate with where 5G installations are located.  Most convincing is the map showing COVID-19 cases are fairly prevalent in France, but there are only a few 5G installations in major cities in France.  COVID-19 is all over France. Anti-Inflammatory Oxyg... Mark Sircus Best Price: $9.81 Buy New $10.09 (as of 10:37 UTC - Details)

What reveals is Americans ARE easy to fool!

Here’s how you were fooled

Already uncovered is a physician inside Elmhurst Hospital in New York City, the epicenter of the COVID-19 coronavirus Ameri-demic, foisting false images of dead bodies in refrigerated trucks, recording fake pleas for more ventilators, all emanating from a physician who is a trained “medical simulation specialist.”  An infectious disease disaster drill went live.  It’s 1938 all over again.  (Orson Welles II?)

COVID-19 coronavirus is now being produced as a daily drama by television, newspaper and other online news sources.  The entire locked-down American public has nothing else to do but turn on their television sets and get propagandized. Sponsors need viewers.

Americans dutifully follow orders issued by federal officials and state governors, and shame those who don’t.  It is so cunning.  Religion and paper currency wiped out in a week.  I’ll just bet you most Americans have no idea what the definition of demagogue is.  Here’s how the sheeple are responding to the new era of authoritarianism:

Bribed to call it COVID

We have record of physicians and hospitals being paid to mis-code their diagnostic and billing numbers to indicate “COVID-19” instead of plain pneumonia because hospitals are reimbursed $39,000 instead of just $13,000 for COVID-19!  There is a financial incentive to list COVID-19 on death certificates.  Normally Medicare or the AMA would issue billing code information.  This directive comes from the CDC.  The federal government, namely the CDC, is bribing doctors and hospitals to mis-code Medicare billing and then using that fake data to lockdown the citizenry.

War of the Worlds 2020

Were Americans completely hoodwinked by the frightful but inaccurate mortality figures for COVID-19 in the US and drawn by fear to cooperate with a lockdown of the economy? Systems Health: The Ma... Ayyadurai, V. A. Shiva Buy New $17.96 (as of 03:24 UTC - Details)

Let’s conduct an autopsy on the data used to lockdown Americans in their homes to see if it is any more reliable than what Orson Welles broadcast in 1938.

Italy has a mortality rate among those hospitalized for respiratory failure ~9%, whereas Germany’s fatality rate is just 0.3%.  The US fatality rate is ~3.5%.  What gives?  Why such a disparity in the numbers?

Italy, a hotspot for COVID-19 coronavirus deaths, later re-evaluated the cause of death of patients who died of respiratory failure.  In the re-evaluation only 12% of death certificates showed a direct causality from coronavirus while 88% of patient deaths were attributed to co-morbidity (accompanying disease, such as diabetes, heart disease).  (According to the CDC 83.3% of  of Americans with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 coronavirus infections have underlying medical conditions.).

Many patients who succumbed to respiratory failure had two or three co-morbidities says a report in The Telegraph.  So, 8 in 10 of the reported deaths are NOT coronavirus-caused.  Hope you got that. (Orson Welles III)

Case fatality rate or individual mortality risk?

There are a lot of scary numbers being distributed, infections, deaths, etc. What we actually need the number infected out of the total population (326 million), the infection rate and death rate.  Otherwise, you might as well say the Martians caused the deaths.

As of Easter Sunday April 12, 2020, 20,601 American souls are reported to have died of Covid-19 coronavirus in the U.S. this flu season and 533,378 were confirmed by blood test to have been infected, or out of 326 million Americans the risk for infection is 0.0016 or almost 2 in 1000 and the risk for death is 0.00006% or 6 in 100,000.  Remember, I’m using mortality numbers that are 80% fluff.  If 80% of COVID-19 deaths are bogus, then only ~4000 have died, and maybe not from COVID-19.

However, out of 20,601 reported deaths, 8,627 are from New York State where immigrants comprise a great deal of cases and were more likely to have tuberculosis than coronavirus and where Orson Welles II resides.

Of course, these numbers are specious because the US has used a flawed test to detect coronavirus-related disease and the 533,378 figure is actually much higher and the death rate much, much lower.  When does government ever issue real numbers about anything?  The American Lung Association reveals the CDC’s 36,000 Americans die of the flu each year is a misrepresentation.  In some years flu-related deaths have only amounted to a few hundred people.

Great Britain used an antibody test and estimated 68% of its citizenry may have been infected.  That is a very high infection rate.  A phlebotomist working at Roseland Community Hospital, a suburb of Chicago, reveals 30-50% of patients tested had coronavirus antibodies and only 10-20% had active virus.  This type of data is not welcome at the CDC that is planning on universal vaccination.  But the vast majority of Americans may have already developed immunity.

A report dated March 31 in The Atlantic estimates over 1 million Americans tested for COVID-19.  So, if a half-million COVID-19 cases have been laboratory confirmed (533,378), then we have an infection rate of around 50%.  So COVID-19 coronavirus is very infectious but not very lethal.   When the vaccine is available, a lot of Americans won’t need it.  Authorities are not telling you that.

At the present time, a trio of dishonest and deceitful virologists who advise the President have taken over the world.  Wear a (useless) mask.  Stay six-feet away.  Stay indoors, at home.  Be a good American.  But what if it’s all a misdirection, Orson Wells redux?

The new spelling for coronavirus:  CARONOVIRUS