A woman walked by our front porch. We had the screen door open for fresh air. (I rebuilt my hand made screen door last summer). The woman’s dog was off the leash and came right up onto our front porch. The woman was talking into her smart phone as she took photos of our front garden. My wife went out there and said, “Hello?”

It was so rude. No respect for private property. That is very common here in the SF Bay Area. We don’t talk to our neighbors much anymore. They keep intruding into our space with no respect. Sorry, our home is not part of your Kumbaya hippie commune.

The liberal engineer who works at the Geysers Geo Thermal plant has his BERNIE sign in his front yard across the street. Back in 2007 I made a chalk drawing on the corner of our lot on the sidewalk promoting Dr. Ron Paul. It was all red, white, and blue “Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty”. Immediately Michael, the engineer, was suddenly at my side asking me about Dr. Paul. I mean he got really close to me. (Michael is 5’8′ and maybe 160 lbs.) I’m 6′ and a bit heavy at 190 lbs. I wasn’t afraid of Michael . It was an odd experience.

Here in Healdsburg the liberals are always in everyone’s business. I’ve had the police called on me twice by neighbors while we were building fences around our property (which were legal and still here.) Folks call the cops here on their neighbors for just about anything. It’s disgusting. And yes I’ve fought back with the police department and the mayor, who is a friend of mine. He’s from Lincoln, Nebraska, too. Of course he’s surrounded with commies on the local city council. I miss Butler Shaffer. He was from Lincoln, too.

But the climate is nice and we have good friends here. The soil is so fertile. You can grow anything. We get two crops of oranges a year.