The Anti–Larry David

The energetic media tycoon Ezra Klein has a book out titled Why We’re Polarized. Spoiler alert: One reason is because too many people watch Fox News instead of reading Klein’s properties like Vox. Another cause is because somebody imprudently spilled the beans to “white Christians” that they are being demographically doomed to defeat while they still have a chance to do something about it.

The 35-year-old Ezra has long been an impressive leader of men. Way back in 2007 he organized JournoList, a legendary private forum for left-leaning media figures such as “Jeffrey ToobinEric AltermanPaul KrugmanJoe KleinMatthew Yglesias, and Jonathan Chait.”

In his public job as a Washington Post writer, Klein mastered the important but arcane subject of health care finance. He soon had a staff of eight to keep his Wonkblog up to date.

Like Nate Silver at The New York Times, another journalistic prodigy of the first Obama term, Klein had big plans for his newspaper home, asking for a $10 million stake from the Post. But Jeff Bezos wouldn’t bite, so Ezra went the start-up route, launching Vox in 2014. Gift Card i... Buy New $10.00 (as of 08:25 EST - Details)

Klein’s original idea for Vox of updating old content failed spectacularly. Instead of writing new articles daily, his plan was that Vox staffers would just update their old material, “like a wiki page written by one person with a little attitude.”

I sure had hoped that Ezra’s brainstorm for how us pundits could coast on our laurels would succeed. Not surprisingly, however, it turned out that readers who like the news like their news new.

But entrepreneurs’ initial plans often turn out to be terrible, and the real test is whether the boss can improvise something else on the fly. So Vox successfully became a conventional leftist webzine.

I suspect that when Ezra launched Vox in early 2014, he was expecting there to continue to be a strong market for his kind of wonkish didacticism about the Individual Mandate and the Public Option.

Like Silver, Klein peaked during Obama’s first term, when the president was trying to focus on non-racialist issues like health care to keep his supporters’ rising demographic triumphalism under wraps long enough so that he could be reelected.

Not surprisingly, soon after Obama was safely assured of four more years, the gloves came off and our current era of public antiwhite hate, which Klein’s colleague Matthew Yglesias has acidly dubbed “The Great Awokening,” was underway.

Vox soon got swept up in the lowbrow tumult of Obama’s inglorious second term.


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