A 2020 Citizenship Questionnaire for Millennials

The following is a set of propositions about the nature of government and its relationship to the citizenry that I think should be of special interest to the younger generation, whether they are “millennials” or one of the other nicknamed younger age groups.  Look at it as a quiz, with each answer either “agree” or “disagree” and see how you do.  Here we go.

  1. It would be better if we had a unified country.
  2. We should have equal rights with respect to other nations.
  3. Any person who is not a citizen will be able to live in our country as a guest.
  4. Government has a duty to provide employment for all of its citizens.
  5. All citizens should have equal right and duties.
  6. The economy must be carried out within the framework of the general good of the community.
  7. War profiteering should be a crime.
  8. Large corporations should be nationalized so that they serve the common good and not private interests. The Problem with Socia... Thomas DiLorenzo Check Amazon for Pricing.
  9. Corporations should adopt profit sharing.
  10. Government should provide old-age pensions to all retirees.
  11. Government should cultivate a sound middle class.
  12. Government should have a right to expropriate land for public purposes without paying for it.
  13. Government should use tax dollars to educate all children.
  14. All children should be educated about the state by the state as early as possible.
  15. All college education should be “free” and paid for with tax revenues.
  16. Child labor should be banned.
  17. The army should be a national army controlled by the central government.
  18. Spreading false “news” should be illegal.
  19. There should be religious freedom for all, as long as it does not endanger the existence of the government.
  20. Excessive materialism should be condemned and outlawed.
  21. Government policy should be guided by the dictum of “Public Interest before Private Interest.”

If you answered “agree” to at least eleven of these statements, then you would have made a good Nazi.  They are all taken from the February 24, 1920 Platform of the Nazi Party, formally known as “The Program of the National-Socialist German Workers’ Party”.

Our good friend, the late Professor Butler Shaffer, used to present a version of this questionnaire to his first-year law students at Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles, generations of which must have been very surprised at how the previous sixteen years or so of public school indoctrination in collectivism had turned them into ideological soulmates of Adolf Hitler.

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