The Perpetual War - Is Iran Next?

As many of us ate mince pies and celebrated the holidays, dark things were unfolding in the Middle East which might become the seeds of a future US versus Iran war…

Before it gets lost or misinterpreted in the mists of time let’s look at what happened here…

On Friday 27th December rockets were fired at the Iraqi-run K1 military base near Kirkuk in Iraq.

It houses US and partner military forces who are training Iraqi security forces.

One US civilian contractor was killed and several US and Iraqi military personnel were injured.

The military command in Baghdad said they would lead investigations. War is a Racket - The ... Smedley Butler, Smedle... Best Price: $5.41 Buy New $5.40 (as of 05:40 EST - Details)

The resident US forces (there are still 5000 in Iraq) have been threatened by ISIS and Iran-backed militias but…

There has been no definitive evidence or information about who was actually responsible for the rocket attack.

Despite this, the US chose to attack five sites of an Iran-backed militia group based in Iraq and Syria, killing 25. Ironically this is the same group that had previously been fighting against ISIS.

The Iraq government said;

“[we] will not be allowed to be a battlefield, a passage to carry out attacks, or a place [to be used] to harm neighbouring countries.”

The US government said;

“We have warned the Iraqi government many times, and we’ve shared information with them to try to work with them to carry out their responsibility to protect us as their invited guests.”

I didn’t realise that invitations were sent out for Iraq War 1 and Iraq War 2, did you?

Is it any wonder some Iraqis are now angry at the US government? Many have also been leading protests against Iran for their meddling in the country’s affairs too.

I’m probably the dumbest guy in the room but the way I see it is this;

If you kick down someone’s door, move into their house, start emptying their cupboards then telling them what to do and how they should be living you’re gonna face violent and justified resistance at every turn.

Iraq War – BS claims about weapons of mass destruction

Afghan War – even the most senior generals didn’t clearly know what they were there for (see the recently released “Afghan papers”)

Iran War – ? Who knows what they’ll dream up next, chances are nobody will even question it.

“The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.” – George Orwell

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