Plan E?

If the predictable election of 2016 fails to deliver the controllable neoconservative president, if a pseudo-McCarthyite campaign against an economically recovering and energy-independent Russia fails again, if putting your own guys in the National Security Council also fails, and if an impeachment seems likewise doomed to peter out, what do you have left?

If you are a war-whoring, petrodollar-preserving, rapture-ready, neoconservative globalist…. well, you’re in luck!

President Pence is ready to step in.

The beauty of Plan E, the fifth backup, is very precious.  The very failures of previous attempts to amend the 2016 election – and stop Trump’s early promises to put America first, bring our troops home, secure borders, and spend the American taxpayer bounty on American production and infrastructure – have paved the way for a wholesale public acceptance of the neoconservative agenda.  This time, with relief and happiness.

It’s almost as if we the sheeple have been given a collective dose of something feel-good, non-thinking, and cozy, and indeed we have. Conceived in Liberty, ... Murray N Rothbard Best Price: $9.00 Buy New $15.39 (as of 08:05 EST - Details)

The powers that be, the deep state, or the national security state, or a black-money hyper-empowered CIA, you pick, are in fine form in 2020.  If these folks issued an annual statement, you would definitely want to invest.  It looks really good on paper.

The CIA, now nearly 80 years old, has become a global power, with global influence. It should surprise no one that the CIA is also a major influence over US territory, the US Government, and the very opinions and perspectives of the average US citizen.  Media and entertainment, technology and communications, access to cash, total information awareness of our money, movements, thoughts and speech, with the complete opacity of its own budget and actions – all of this this is part of the CIA’s mission today.  If you thought it was just other country’s riots, assassinations and regime changes, you are behind the times.

I’ve been told that the CIA picks up some of its cash on pallets directly from the Denver Mint. If the state, as Augustine believed, is a band of thieves writ large, the CIA is the godfather.

Mike Pence was a predictable vice-presidential choice.  A nondescript statist, evangelical “good” man, he served his role as a non-threatening, mildly competent second.  He would also be a fourth or fifth tier hedge against the uncontrollable populist and hearty sinner Donald Trump, a man who had never won an election in his life before 2016.  The CIA has decades of experience in choosing presidents, and vice presidents, manipulating both campaigns and popular opinion, creating crises on demand, and surveilling citizens and parties and candidates – in other countries.  The unexpected spontaneous and massive patriotic crowds convening for Trump throughout the 2016 campaign alone must have told the CIA what was written on the wall.  Even with then CIA Director Brennan’s assistance, and that of the FBI, Hillary couldn’t catch the imagination of voters, or bring them out to see her preach, even when she spoke in our native accents.

But in a real war, you don’t quit until you are forced to.  In these four failures to bring down Trump, the deep state/CIA alliance has indeed achieved much, and won much. Trump has been constrained in his efforts to fulfill his most popular domestic initiatives, while the continued direct and indirect attacks on him in the mainstream, left-leaning “independent” and government media have worn down his popular support. Independents and libertarians who may have leaned Trumpward have all but peeled away and are looking at other parties and candidates. NeverTrumpers already favored Pence, and that was a major reason for his inclusion on the 2016 ticket. Troop deployments, Pentagon funding and interventionist wars have all been reignited.  The Federal Reserve, once a Trump target, is enthusiastically burning up the printing presses, with very little mainstream discussion and with Trump applauding, not auditing.  The upcoming nuclear destruction of Iran and the unleashing of a long wave of war and terror is just around the corner.

Who will best serve the deep state/CIA/petrodollar empire in November 2020 and beyond? Trump, if he lives long enough will be re-elected by actual voters, and as a lame duck he may prove difficult. The Democratic field is split between reliable lackeys and unreliable ones, and while wars may be ensured, there’s nothing the CIA hates more than unpredictability.  What to do with the gift of four failed domestic operations against Trump?

The answer is, devise a health event (mental or physical or both) that results in a sitting President Pence just in time for a reasonably short campaign, in a time of war, against an uninspiring array of old white man from a divided opposition party.

By now you are saying, Karen, I knew you were nuts, but this is just too much, even for you!

Normally, I would agree with you.  But how else can we explain the fact that career operational CIA Gina “Chemical” Haspel and her sidekick, former 30-year CIA man, evidence destroyer, fellow torturer, and current CIA contractor Jose Rodriguez are already spending more time briefing and conspiring with Mike Pence than Donald Trump? Presstitutes Embedded ... Ulfkotte, Dr. Udo Best Price: $38.43 Buy New $34.09 (as of 11:15 EST - Details)

How else can we explain the recent and comprehensive emergence in the twitterverse, social media and mainstream public opinion that Trump is in mental decline, stressed, possibly on drugs, and needs medical help or a break real soon?

His manipulation into the assassination of Kassem Soleimani, who after defeating the stated US enemy ISIS in the region, was a messenger and architect of a detente in his last visit to Baghdad, but also representing another step away from the petrodollar, was pure CIA textbook.  Tell him what you want (true or not), nurture a sense of urgency, and know your target in order to psychologically manipulate him.

The play is set – if Trump takes a break or sees a doctor now, our public suspicions of mental and physical incompetence are 100% confirmed, and we “expect” his imminent decline from the stage.  The “surprise” strike on Soleimani has given the Senate a new “Constitutional” reason to be angry with Trump, so it improves the chances of a serious trial, and even removal from office.  It’s a win-win because even if not removed, the Senate trial, and Trump’s predictable reaction to it, will serve to explain away a stroke, embolism, heart attack, or mental breakdown, all leading to a welcome peacefulness and stability of an ascendant Mike Pence.

Pence, an evangelical neoconservative who deserves to be President as it is surely God’s Will, will also need support from his deep state friends Gina Haspel and Mike Pompeo. He will have it in spades. The warfare-welfare empire is saved for another day.  Property values will continue to rise in the five counties surrounding D.C., Americans will continue to get poorer and angrier, and in their frustration and fear, many will even demand more state assistance, and probably a draft.  A new kind of draft, whereby soldiers can “earn” student loan debt relief, and the like.  Socialism, American-style, who can oppose that?  What fun we can expect under a Pence presidency, and I give him a second and maybe even a third term.

Of course, when the music stops, and the money collapses, President Pence will be worth little more than his last name implies. The past two decades should have been enough to inspire preparations for social and financial collapse of the US empire, and the dangerous emergence of an unfunded and unfriendly American fascism.  The next few years may be all Americans have left to secure whatever it is that we love.  After that, we may be limited to keeping our heads down and muffling our screams as we ride out that long emergency.