When Nazis Call You Nazi

I recently watched a group of kool-aid-haired forty and fifty year old white women yelling through bullhorns and chanting slogans such as “No racist! No KKK! No fascist USA!…No Nazi! No KKK! No fascist USA!”

Or “No more patriarchy. Down with the patriarchy.”

The target of their anger was a group walking down the street whose biggest demographic  was several thousand predominantly Latina women. Of those Latinas, most were Mexican.

The sight was a shocker to me.

Could anyone seriously claim these kool-aid-haired angry women had any place calling total strangers racist? What had these Mexicans women done to them to deserve such derision, you may ask?

You see the group that the kool-aid-haired old women were calling racist and Nazi and loudly denouncing the patriarchy to were participating in a pro-life march. But they didn’t seem to see the individuals they were saying it to. Nor did they seem to digest the meaning of what they were saying.

And by the way, when I call 40 or 50 “old,” that’s not in reference to their age – this band of kool-aid-haired women looked very unhappy and very old for their ages.

What did the Mexican women do in response? They didn’t chant back, they didn’t jeer. They prayed for the people calling them racists and Nazis. It was a site to behold.

As the group of kool-aid-haired women raged through their bullhorns about the pro-life Mexicans being Nazis, KKK, fascist, and racist, a man walked by with a handmade sign that said “HITLER was PRO-ABORTION, and did you know Hitler was also a SOCIALIST ??”

At the sight of that sign, the sloganeering from the kool-aid-haired women continued undeterred. Of course the sign was true,

•Hitler DID support abortion.

•Hitler WAS a socialist.

As for the KKK chant,

•Margaret Sanger founder of the largest pro-abortion organization in the US, Planned Parenthood, spoke at a KKK meeting in Silver Lake, New Jersey according to her autobiography, and

•Sanger had notorious racist writer and klansman Lothrop Stoddard on her first board in 1922 (see this) for the organization that would later become Planned Parenthood.

•Sanger’s 1939 “Negro Project” was about getting black Americans onboard with their own population control.

•Five black babies are aborted for every ten live births in the United States, and

•a number equivalent to more than half of the present black population in America has been aborted since Roe v Wade.

This is all seemingly in accord with the eugenicist agenda of Margaret Sanger and the organization that became Planned Parenthood.

How exactly are pro-life marchers Nazis or KKK by marching AGAINST Nazi and KKK ideas?  They are in fact the opposite.

I looked up and noticed a little ten year old blonde haired girl in a Make America Great Again hat look on in horror at the spectacle of the kool-aid-haired women yelling as she passed.

The kool-aid-haired women were all so angry. Such bad optics. The Mexicans and other pro-lifers were all so jolly, surrounded by big groups of family and friends – it was a giant diverse crowd that the kool-aid-haired women were calling “literally Hitler.”

But Wait There’s More…

Then to make the whole sight even crazier, across the street were a bunch of very trendy looking young folks under thirty years old – maybe 50 or 75 of them – seemingly supporting the pro-life marchers. They were so well-dressed and so well-orchestrated in their motions that I wondered if they were paid actors.

They chanted over and over again: “Harvested eggs are alive.”

And each held the same professionally made sign in the same way and at the same height that read: “Right to rescue.”

It sounded vaguely supportive of something that the pro-life marchers were saying, but it was strange that they were facing the marchers, as if they were protesting against the marchers, rather than marching in the pro-life march.

I asked one of the police officers who they were. “They are pro-life,” he responded.

“Why aren’t they matching then?”

He shrugged.

It turns out they actually weren’t with the pro-lifers. They were PETA-type folks, protesting chicken egg harvesting and eating by humans. They weren’t there for unity. They were pro-abortion people calling it hypocrisy to want to protect a human baby, but not a chicken egg. How to Win America for... Stevo, Allan J Buy New $17.95 (as of 08:22 UTC - Details)

On one side you had pro-abortion “privileged” kool-aid-haired women screaming at the Mexican women about the patriarchy and how Nazi the Mexican women and other pro-lifers were. On the other side, you had pro-abortion people chanting about the moral value of a vegetarian lifestyle.

•Hitler was pro-abortion.

•Hitler was socialist.

•Hitler was a vegetarian too.

But facts didn’t seem to matter here. Emoting feelings mattered. Thought didn’t matter. Prefabricated slogans mattered. Communication or trying to understand another person didn’t matter. Being loud mattered. Swearing into a bull horn in front of kids mattered.

The American left increasingly resembles the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, in their plank, and in their bullying and abusive tactics that oppose reason and evidence while operating with a “might makes right” style of morality.

I witnessed exactly that where Powell meets Market in San Francisco at this pro-life march.