Bug the Enemy

Twenty years ago, I started this website in the spirit of Libertarian giant Murray Rothbard. Murray had passed away far too early, but for the next almost 10 years, I had the guidance of Murray’s close friend and mine, Burt Blumert, as publisher. Both these great men were examples and blessings.

At first, LRC had a non-profit status through the Center of Libertarian Studies, but I wanted to promote Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign, and I was warned that the IRS would not allow that, which turned out to be the case, so LRC went independent.

Given the amazing good Ron did in his 2008 and 2012 campaigns, I made the right decision, though it made fundraising more difficult. I never regretted that decision, and Ron reads LRC the first thing every morning. What a vote of confidence!

Against the Left: A Ro... Rockwell Jr, Llewellyn H Best Price: $3.00 Buy New $8.00 (as of 03:00 UTC - Details) Of course, the neocons hated us, and still do. So do the warmongers and the statists, a famous billionaire, and Communists and leftists of every rotten variety.

Google has gradually made it tougher, and LRC is on hate lists of all sorts, including the vicious Southern Poverty Law Center.

But, despite their intentions, they don’t silence us. None of these enemies have been able able to stop LRC, thanks to our readers and donors, our ideals and our refusal to bend the knee.

In 20 years, LRC has published thousands of daily issues, and tens of thousands of articles. Some were by famous libertarians, others by men and women who became well-known through LRC. All have been worth your time. Others are the result of vast reading.

Sometimes I’m asked if I don’t tire of the work, since I’m also chairman of the Mises Institute. Of course, I don’t. I love this website, and I hope you do, too. We are doing much good, as we can tell by all our opponents.

I mentioned helping LRC celebrate our 20th anniversary. Your donation would be great. There is much more I’d like to do.

Please send what you can, as a recurring or one-time donation. Help me carry on this fight. Be my partner in LRC.

Your donation of $10, $25, $50, or $100 would be great. Even more, if you can afford it, can make all the difference.

Our opponents are legion. But so are those dedicated to freedom, and those who can be inspired to be.

This is an important fight, a great fight, a fun fight. Please help.