Chain of Command Theory Leads to Total Collective Tyranny

“For the greater good”: the phrase that always precedes the greatest evil.” 

Jakub Bożydar Wiśniewski

My first experience with the chain of command was when the Army drafted me into slavery during Vietnam. This particular dogma was demanded from the outset, and the reasons for this concept were immediately apparent to me. I knew that I would never adhere to such nonsense, as the entire premise was based upon complete control of the individual through intimidation, while imposing impossible bureaucratic headwinds meant to dissuade any from seeking relief from injustice or abuse. In other words, do as you are told, follow orders, and obey all “superiors,” which leads to tyranny over the majority.

Any chain of command is meant to operate as a top down, class system of control, where the real power, the oligarchy, is shielded from those who do the bidding of the upper class bosses. This strategy purposely eliminates the individual, and without individual thought and action, there is no greater good, only greater corruption and greater authority. In the military, this is said to be for advancing and accomplishing the mission, in the corporation, it is said to be for group efficiency, and in the general population, it is said to be for the greater good of all. It is none of these things; it is only indoctrination propaganda that is meant to create a docile underclass.

Any acceptance of authority for the sake of authority is simply servitude. That is why fear, worship of the state, nationalism and false patriotism, are the tools used by the powerful to control the rest of society. All power structures over large numbers of people are dependent on a weak and compliant lower rank, a collective mass that no longer has the ability to think for themselves, but thinks only in terms of the group. Critical thinkers are anathema to monopoly power, and with the advent of compulsory (public) schooling, the stage was set long ago to destroy individual thought in favor of mass obedience by the general populace. Secret Empires: How th... Schweizer, Peter Best Price: $5.99 Buy New $11.07 (as of 07:25 EST - Details)

This experiment orchestrated by the most powerful among us has been more successful than could have been initially imagined. In the middle of the 19th century, the U.S. was a nation filled with readers, and the literacy rate was between 93% and 100% of the population. Education at that time was completely private, and advanced teaching in the classical manner was the norm, with absolutely no centralized control. Latin, Greek, strong history and exceptional science and philosophical studies were universal, but a society of intelligent individuals was not compatible with the power agenda of the ruling class.

Since the first compulsory school in Massachusetts in 1852 was established, the intellect of Americans began its decline, and that decline continues to this day. A nation once made up of individual thinkers has become a nation of sheep. A nation of obedient workers with limited intellect was necessary to fulfill the agenda of the oligarchs, and that is exactly what they were able to accomplish through a premeditated plan of indoctrination through “education.”

Today’s chain of command in this country consists of the ruling elites in banking and corporate America, followed by the political class, the mainstream media, the controlled university systems, the defenders of this power in the corrupt police and military, and finally the lowly citizenry. This is a top down command structure accomplished by a bottom up strategy. By fooling the common people into accepting desired change from the top, the people actually helped to accomplish the goal of the oligarchs. A similar psychological comparison would be the idea that the individual citizen has power over his rulers because he is allowed to vote in an election. While this is nonsense, it is still believed by most of the common people.

This entire process could be termed as a planned and controlled monopolization accomplished by the structured and corrupt elimination of competition. All aspects of life from education, health and medicine, genetically modified agriculture that now consumes almost the entire world food supply, global energy, and the entire monetary system, are controlled by a few powerful monopolies. This rule by the few over the many could never have happened unless an element of top-down control existed in the first place, and was allowed to grow at the expense of the collective masses.

The final piece of this puzzle, the takeover of all life itself, is now in place. It will be based on the fraudulent concept of human caused climate change as the impetus for the elite’s takeover of all economies. This is called Technocracy. Most every aspect of life will be centrally controlled by a global system of micromanagement by technocrats. This requires a governing system of so-called experts who will control the economy, all social systems, and the people at large by fiat through technological means. In other words, freedom will no longer exist. This can be accomplished because everything is already in place for this scheme to take root.

Once again, this monopolization over all will again be accomplished with the help of the same population that will be horribly affected by it. The young in this country, those who will guide the future, have already been fooled and co-opted into this deceit. The players that began the monopolization of this country are the same players that will complete this takeover that has been in the making for decades, unless an awakening occurs soon.

Only a handful of companies produce all the food and goods, they dominate farming, the media, the energy markets, the monetary system, the technology sector and surveillance, and the powers of force in the military.  We have little time to stop this transition to a new international order where all power and control rests in the hands of the few. In order to sustain any freedom, or any control over our own lives, this global chain of command must be eliminated, or total and complete tyranny will be our destiny.