Climate Strike, Greta Thunberg, and “The Village of the Damned”

Some of you may be old enough to remember the psychological horror film “Village of the Damned.” It was released to theaters in 1960 and created something of a buzz, even a scandal, when it was first shown. When it appeared at select movie houses nearby I remember I wasn’t allowed to see it: I recall that there may have been an age requirement, and I didn’t qualify (in any case, my parents were adamant and didn’t permit me to go). I did have some older friends who saw it and were greatly struck by it. They related the story to me, and a few years later I did manage to view it.

And they were correct: Back then it ranked alongside films like “Them!” (1954) and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (1956) as stretching-the-boundaries, mind-bending horror cinema that pushed the limits of science, integrating supernatural elements, or perhaps better said, the diabolical.

As the story line goes, in the English village of Midwich,

As the children grow and develop at a rapid rate, it becomes clear they also have a powerful telepathic bond with one another. They can communicate with each other over great distances….Midwich was not the only place affected; follow-up investigations have revealed similar phenomena in other areas of the world….the children are precocious physically and mentally, the equivalent of children four times their age. Their behavior has become even more unusual and striking. They…always walk as a group, speak in an adult manner, and behave maturely, but they show no conscience or love, and demonstrate a coldness to others, causing the villagers to fear and be repulsed by them. The children begin to exhibit the power to read minds and to force people to do things against their will…. the children’s inhuman nature becomes clear…. Human Caused Global Wa... Ball PhD, Tim Best Price: $14.00 Buy New $11.99 (as of 12:30 UTC - Details)

This past week as I viewed snippets of the so-called “young peoples’ climate strike,” with literally millions of eyes-glazed-over elementary and high school children (and many pre-schoolers, as well) demonstrating and holding aloft placards and banners demanding immediate action on climate, or else “we will all be dead in ten years,” I remembered vivid scenes from “Village of the Damned.”  Hundreds of obliging school administrators let their students out for this madness…you can bet all the money in your 401 K that they would not do that for a demonstration against illegal immigration! No way.

Even more striking was the purported inspiration of this madness: one Greta Thunberg, a sixteen-year old Swedish activist who would fit right in to the cast of “Village of the Damned.”  Oh yes, I realize any criticism of Ms. Thunberg is met with cries of “How dare you criticize a child! She has Aspergers Syndrome…you can’t attack her! If you do, you are hateful and bigoted…against the handicapped!”

Even weak-kneed Fox News, once again bending to the further Left, publicly apologized for comments made by guest Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire (“The Story,” September 23, 2019) when he suggested that Thunberg was “mentally ill.” Yet, irrespective of her physical or mental condition, Thunberg’s “speech”—in fact, a totalitarian rant—at the United Nations on the climate “crisis,” can truly be characterized as an illustration of fanatical lunacy by a child who has been indoctrinated and poisoned by a venomous and heartless ideology. She has become the mouthpiece for those dark forces—forces behind the curtain as in “The Wizard of Oz”—above her who in the most callous and insidious way use children to make their case for total control of our lives and destiny. And when we complain, they employ “the children” as their shield and prophylaxis. It is that outrage—and not the comments by a Michael Knowles—that merit the severest condemnation.

What should be readily apparent to those who actually read and examine the issue of climate change is that it is being employed in a highly ideological manner, that it is an hysterical global effort which is 90 % political and only about 10 % to do with any settled and real scientific data.

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t care about our environment in some way. Obviously there are some actions that go beyond the pale, where certainly I think most rational people would agree, e.g. those major industries that would pollute or unnecessarily destroy our environment. No one wants dirty drinking water, and, indeed, no one wants to breathe smog constantly….or destroy all our woodlands.

But the problem I would suggest is that the “90 % political” aspect of this issue, what I would call “climategate,” has taken control of much of public mentality on this question, and that this is how most people now see the issue, even with the very best intentions. For the issue of “climate change”–in fact, “climate hysteria”—is used widely in our schools and colleges, by our media, and by ideologically-motivated “scientists” to shape an agenda that is at base very political and necessarily implies eventual governmental control over nearly every aspect of our lives.

The vast majority of so-called “studies” and reporting on this topic are part of a very tendentious, ideologically-shaped agenda, in which scientific study is usually manipulated to produce the required results, and then pushed by our media as undeniable truth. It is predictive research that forms the backbone of this narrative, that is, the computer data which is entered by human beings, who select what data to enter and who choose the algorithms employed to produce the results. Recall Carl Sagan from over four or five decades ago? Dr. Sagan assured us all that within thirty years we would be “entering a New Ice Age.” Not only that, he produced generated predictions based on “observation” and his own extrapolations. Of course, as we know, those “predictions” came to naught. Then, again, remember Al Gore’s charade, his “inconvenient truth” that he so ballyhooed (and made millions using). Within a decade we would all be under water and frying like roast pork….so he said!

What I am saying here is that the predictive method involves human beings and selected data, and, well, you know what that often entails. Even reported observations (e.g., Polar ice-cap melting, where I can cite quite very divergent studies) often are contradictory and can be explained by non-human-related causation.

There was a major scandal several years ago involving the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and leaked messages. The IPCC has been involved in practically all the mainstream efforts to convince us of the imminent arrival of “climate disaster.” Most major research has been linked to their initiatives globally. So when the leaked messages and additional information became public it both stunned and shocked some observers, and very quickly there were attempts to either discredit it or hush it up. However, as Dr. Christopher Booker of The (London) Daily Telegraph (not an extreme right wing newspaper, but highly respected worldwide) detailed, the scandal will not go away, and the serious holes in and doubts about the “climate disaster” narrative loom even larger today. The Deliberate Corrupt... Tim Ball Best Price: $13.74 Buy New $16.64 (as of 11:20 UTC - Details)

It is not a question simply of good stewardship of our environment (which I hope we all would have), it is mass perversion of young minds and intellects with such nonsense as “we only have ten years before the earth is uninhabitable,” or “we must stop using fossil fuels,” etc. etc. ad nauseum.  And at base, as I have said, it is 90 % to serve a political goal, an ideological position which ends in eventual complete governmental control.

“Climate change” is NOT the critical issue of our time: rather imperious globalism and global controls over our lives, mass immigration, terrorism and Islamism, the decay in and decline of historic Christianity, and a needed decentralization of our economies would, in my estimation, rank higher.

Indeed, it is the climate fanatics and not their critics who treat our children like lobotomized zombies, it is they who play on the disabilities of a Greta Thunberg, inoculating her against criticism because of that, and thus hoping to get a “pass” on any substantive criticism. It is they who organized and filled the streets with millions of young, impressionable minds, children they have been indoctrinating and perverting, children straight out of “Village of the Damned.”

Let us have rational and measured conservation and respect for God’s creation…but without the hysteria and fanaticism that has turned the question of climate change into a religious dogma for far too many well-meaning people and perverted far too many minds…and turned too many of our children into lobotomized zombies at the service of a Satanic globalism.

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