U.S. Supreme Over Asia in Mathematics!

And Other Dismal Reflections

America again wins the annual International Math Olympiad! The contest pits the brightest high-school students of countries against each other in six-member teams. The American victories continue the mastery by the European cultures that invented most of modern math. This supports the claim (I hope I do not sound racist) that European superiority is genetic. In any event, the outcome is crucial because these young prodigies will shape the future of their peoples for many decades.

US Ties with China in 2019 Math Olympiad.
The team: Vincent Huang, Luke Robitaille, Colin Tang, Edward Wan, Brandon Wang, and Daniel Zhu.

2018 Math Olympiad, US First!
Team: Adam Ardeishar, Andrew Gu, Vincent Huang, James Lin, Michael Ren and Mihir Singhal.

2017 Another win!
Members of the first-place 2017 U.S. team: Ankan Bhattacharya, Zachary Chroman, Andrew Gu, Vincent Huang, James Lin, and Junyao Peng.

2016 America first again!

Team members: Ankan Bhattacharya, Michael Kural, Allen Liu, Junyao Peng, Ashwin Sah and Yuan Yao. All six team members received individual gold medals, and Liu and Yao earned perfect scores.

Yet another American victory. Will they never end? The 2019 European Girls Math Olympiad. U.S Championship Team: Emma Qin , Ishika Shah, Janabel Xia and Catherine Wu. Meghal Gupta served as team leader and Rachel Zhang as deputy leader. Curmdugeing Through Pa... Reed, Fred Buy New $2.99 (as of 08:05 UTC - Details)

We should be gratified by America’s victories over all other Asian countries.

Despite the overwhelming dominance of Americans in math, pessimists point with alarm at developments which they believe show that the United States is losing its edge. Not so. Appearances can be deceptive. Let us examine some of these (unnecessarily) gloomy tales:

China Exceeds US in Number of Companies in Fortune 500”

This may seem ominous. In fact it is no cause for worry. The New York Stock Exchange is at an alltime high. Wall Street prospers. The growing rate of suicide in Middle America, much bemoaned by conservatives, should actually be applauded for its eugenic effects: It will raise American intelligence. In the long run, this will benefit America.

Forbes : ““The World Economic Forum calculates that China had at least 4.7 million recent STEM grads as of 2016; India had 2.6 million as of 2017; the U.S. pulls in at third at 568,000.”

Again, there is no reason for concern It is actually a sign of China’s weakness: If its students knew stuff, they wouldn’t have to go to school, would they?

Yes, Forbes says that in many American universities, departments of math, engineering, and the hard sciences would close if it weren’t for foreign students, largely Chinese. Why is this thought bad? Obviously the more money MIT and CalTech drain from the Chinese economy in tuition, the less money Beijing will have to spend on research and development. Slowly but surely, this impoverishment will bring China down.

To be sure, the Chinese can do a few things well, such as making pencils and little paper umbrellas for expensive drinks. By contrast, American universities excel in inclusiveness, the care and feeding of barely sentient diversity-admits, and courses such as Batman and the Struggle for Gender Equity. China cannot compete at this level.

Democrats unanimous as House passes bill forcing schools to let male athletes compete in girls’ sports”

The Chinese regard this as insanity, as they do most of American behavior. Here we see their lack of originality as they are just following the rest of the world.

Overestimation of the Chinese runs rampant among American intellectuals. Here we have:

As 5G networks begin rolling out and commercializing around the world, telecoms vendors are rushing to get a headstart. Huawei equipment is now behind two-thirds of the commercially launched 5G networks outside China….”

This is easily misinterpreted. Talking heads, unencumbered by knowledge of either technology or economics, espy doom. They say that China’s lead in 5G represents the beginning of a global shift in technological leadership. They further say that Trump, by banning Huawei in America while the rest of the world adopts it, is putting the US two years behind the rest of the world.

This is nonsense. Well, it is at least misunderstood. The very savvy Trump is letting the Chinese spend to develop 5G. When they have done the heavy lifting, Washington will buy it from them for a song and perhaps some soybeans. The resources thus saved by America will be spent on more pressing needs, such as nuclear bombers. It’s like, you know, economic jiu jitsu.

A study” describes the domination of scientists and engineers in the Chinese political elite at all levels. Worth reading. A sentence extracted: “This means that 8 out of 10 among them have four-year degrees or more in science or engineering.”

By contrast, I find (can I possibly be right?) in the 535 members of Congress one PhD in math, and one in physics. This is actually a good thing as it shows that our government is truly democratic and Of The People, which is to say technically illiterate, not very bright and and undistracted by, you know, like equations and atoms and all that stuff. Remember the prescient warning of George Wallace against have pointy-headed intellectuals.

Xi JinPing holds a doctorate in chemistry. Trump holds a faint lead over pursuing law enforcement.

Fortunately America has a democratically elected government that does not focus on absurdities. This maturity contrasts with the Chinese government which is burdened by stability, long-term planning, and adult leadership. Further, the US practice of changing governmental personnel every few years prevents stultification.

“ Unz (2012) reported that although the Asian (meaning “Northeast Asian”) population is about 5% in the U.S. in 2009, 28% of the top 0.5% of SAT takers were Asian Americans …Also, the recipients of the Westinghouse-Intel Science Talent Search during 2002–2011 are 60% Northeast Asian”

The overrepresentation of Northeast Asians in American universities is clearly racist and should be deplored. However, discrimination is worse in China, where virtually all students are Asian. This constitutes rigid and unjustifiable privileging which would never be allowed in America. Further, China’s insistence on intelligence in university students is an unmistakable sign of falling prey to White Supremacy. A further result is to deprive China of the invaluable contributions of the intellectually hopeless.

Chinese Buses Are Magic in Santiago

“Chinese-made electric buses are winning over commuters in Chile’s capital Santiago.

Incorporating the buses into Santiago’s transportation fleet “has been tremendously positive in many ways,” said Gloria Hutt, Chilean Minister of Transport and Communications, Xinhua reported.” Nekkid in Austin Reed, Fred Buy New $2.99 (as of 08:05 UTC - Details)

America-haters who just want to criticize this country say that the US is again leaving a large market niche to the more-agile Chinese. This is mindless carping. Americans make money in the stock market, often overnight, without having to produce anything. Clearly this is a better approach and ensures America’s continued dominance of international commerce.

Nay-sayers and gloom-and-doom peddlers say that the US hollows out its economy by spending excessively on the military. This is not true. Instead it allows US dominance of major markets. For example, no country has sold Santiago more aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, and intercontinental bombers than America. Who cares about electric buses for God’s sake?

Huawei to Invest £1.2bn in New Shanghai R&D Centre, Build ‘Self-Reliance’ Amid US Trade War on China”

Irrational Trump-haters say that the Donald, by pushing China to develop its own high-tech, will deprive American firms of a vast market and that, once the Chinese have caught up, they will compete ferociously with the American firms. No. Those who better understand international commerce point out that that the forty thousand researchers planned for the new center will be unable to grow soybeans. This will leave the market for cattle feed dominated by Trump’s voters. Ah, that Trump–a sly devil!

To sum up, when day is done, and the dust has settled, we trust that America will remain foremost in the making of pencils and little paper umbrellas for expensive drinks.

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Reprinted with permission from The Unz Review.