Millions of Acres in the US Will not be Planted This Year


In western NC signs are up in the Walmart stores for shortage on the store brand name veggies. There will be shortages as millions of acres in the US will not be planted this year and next. Needless to say, that Tropical Storm Barry is going to cause even more headaches for Midwestern farmers.

At this point, millions of acres of prime farmland are not going to be planted at all this year, and there are tens of millions of other acres where crops are really, really struggling. The 2nd biggest corn producer is China and they are having the same problems.

Don’t think this will affect prices or availability?…give it a few months. What is on the shelves is last years crops. If there are less crops this year across the globe…you do the math. Less food and population increasing. No conspiracy theory just the facts.

(What have I been saying about fighting in the streets for food?)

Reprinted from Ice Age Now.

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