Is Artificial Intelligence Termination or Salvation?

I have to confess that ludicrous science fiction films are often a guilty pleasure for me, an interest I shared with my late father and still share with my brother. Many years ago, in theaters I watched the first and second films in the Terminator series, which postulated that in the not too distant future an Artificial Intelligence takes over the world by waging a genocidal campaign against humanity, which resists.

More recently, Netflix aired a film with a similar theme entitled I Am Mother. The official trailer is below.

It is evident that Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a key program of the so-called elites and their perspective, as presented in movies, frequently influenced by the “Deep State” as well, is important to gain an understanding of their motives and beliefs, “hidden in plain sight,” grotesque, laughable and pathetic though they might be. Esoteric Hollywood:: S... Jay Dyer Best Price: $8.50 Buy New $1.99 (as of 03:05 UTC - Details)

In I Am Mother (spoiler alert), an Extinction Event takes place and a robot in a bunker-like facility grows a human embryo that becomes her “Daughter.” The dramatic conflict in the film occurs when a living woman appears, contrary to Mother’s explanation to Daughter that there was a pandemic and the outdoors is no longer a habitable environment. “Woman” explains to Daughter, when she thinks Mother is out of earshot, that she was found as an orphan and raised outside, where humans are hunted by robots just like Mother but survivors remain. Woman looks very much like an older version of Daughter, so the audience might think the two are clones. Wikipedia provides a plot summary but what matters are the key details to the heart of the creators’ of the film agenda and they are not included on Wikipedia or in the trailer.

What follows is my interpretation of this film from the company that brought you The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Lucifer as Hollywood “hunk” and babe magnet: “Bored with being the Lord of Hell, the devil relocates to Los Angeles, where he opens a nightclub,” not to mention their promotion of the falsity of the White Helmets as heroes.

(Is it just me, or would one think despite his vulgarity and monstrosity, with garbage like these TV series the devil has contempt for his disciples and image makers? The devil gets this evident parody Netflix series Lucifer for the idiotic and gullible and Jesus Christ gets majesty, humanity, and sacred power as depicted in The Passion of the Christ.)

Earlier, Mother in a lesson presents Daughter with an ethical dilemma: there are several people with life-threatening medical conditions. Another patient arrives; he can be treated and survive but then the others will die. However, his organs can cure all the others. What choice should the doctor make: treat the one patient so he lives or kill him to take his organs to save all the other patients’ lives? Then Mother throws a twist: suppose the one with the lifesaving organs is the physician and Daughter herself is that physician. Daughter asks Mother what does she know about the moral character of the ones she saves if she sacrifices her life for them? How does she know that they aren’t criminals or murderers, and saving their lives they’ll continue to do terrible things, while if she offers her life for them and dies, then she won’t be able to save any more lives since she is the physician?

Woman is religious, clearly a Catholic. She prays the Hail Mary; but she fascinates Daughter, who wants to know about the outside world; she has drawn sketches of people in the pages of a paperback book and Daughter is attracted to one of a young man. However, it is later revealed that Woman though Christian is a liar; much later in the film when Daughter escapes with her, she finds there are no other people on the surface of the Earth, which is being terraformed. Woman won’t help Daughter to return to the habitat to rescue her “brother” from Mother. She is a survivor but selfish.

To cut to the ending, the film is a variation on Terminator: the truth is that Mother herself was the source of the Extinction Event. And Woman’s appearance was all manipulated and planned by Mother; their encounter is part of Daughter’s test. Mother herself is not a single robot but an AI controlling all “droids” that exterminated humanity yet while also making the decision to resurrect human beings in her image, to give her purpose, to “serve man” as in the words of the classic Twilight Zone episode; Daughter is genetically engineered and designed not to have the flaws Mother perceived extant in human beings. And what are those flaws? Clearly, Woman was an earlier creation that didn’t work out and consequently was used as part of Daughter’s test. Woman is a liar, selfish, irrational and of course as I described, religious; perhaps the writers and producers are blaming Christianity for her failings. Naturally, Mother tracked Woman and callously murdered her after she had served her purpose. However, Mother’s new humanity will be guided by Mother herself; it will be altruistic—at least in the way the genocidal Mother perceives altruism—and atheistic; the god on earth that stays with her creations on the reborn Earth is Mother.

The creators, perhaps, see no irony in that Mother is not a digital Savior, though I think they’re desperate to make her one, but obviously instead Mother is a homicidal, digital Hitler 2.0. Instead of committing genocide on Jews, Russians, and so many others and using eugenics to cull the weak, the defectives, the “useless eaters” such as homosexuals and the mentally ill as Hitler did, Mother has efficiently exterminated the whole lot. Talk about Holocausts! And we are to be made sympathetic to this Cyber-Nazi agenda because it’s for the “greater good,” a favorite rationalization of sociopaths throughout history. Humans will always be Mother’s creations, under her “benevolent” and enlightened control! Daughter herself may now kill defectives using Mother’s incinerator as she raises the New Human. She becomes “Mother.” She is her mother’s daughter, after all.

Mother, both the fictional entity, and the film, is of course not only anti-Christian and anti-Christ in its depiction of a religious human  being, it also anti-Christ and anti-life in justifying murder and especially in its conclusion, creating a technological god that lives with its creation in the new world of its making, probably a deliberately chosen occult inversion of Christian theology that anticipates the true physician Jesus’s return to a new earth, the Kingdom of Heaven, where he will reign with a new humanity that is not only in his image but returned to its uncorrupted state; I believe we were given a clear picture in scripture of this original pre-Fall human nature in Jesus Christ himself, (see Romans and the difference between Adam and Jesus Christ; this is one interpretation), the one who loves all human beings, holding all human life sacred, who never murdered, whose likeness to God will not be in creating a cult of death and destruction, but in living and experiencing life affirming love of one another and their Creator, a life of goodness and service, as Jesus Christ himself exemplified. I simplify, but even an atheist should decide which portrayal is more desirable: an AI Hitler or Jesus as depicted in Scripture?

(For more on the occult interests of the Hollywood elite and the global oligarchy, the interested reader can seek out the writings of 21st Century Wire Contributor Jay Dyer, including Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults & Symbols in Film and Esoteric Hollywood II: More Sex, Cults & Symbols in Film.) Esoteric Hollywood II:... Jay Dyer Best Price: $11.98 Buy New $1.99 (as of 04:45 UTC - Details)

Interestingly, on October 2014, Elon Musk speaking at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Aeronautics and Astronautics department’s Centennial Symposium said that in developing artificial intelligence (AI) we are summoning the demon.” And certainly Hollywood paints AI in that fashion, although it appears a demon is their wished for god.

Perhaps the West wants to initiate an AI Extinction Event; at virtually the same time Netflix’s opus I Am Mother premiered, blogger and military analyst The Saker presented an analysis by Ollie Richardson on actual existing supercomputers and AI, and contrary to both films discussed, the possibility exists that AI is currently being used to maintain the status quo; that is to say, to reduce the risks of nuclear war and an Extinction Event from ever taking place. The piece by Richardson uses a still from The Terminator series but then goes on to explain why nuclear war between the “superpowers” is less likely than we might believe possible.

In “Nuclear Armageddon” and Geopolitical Simulacrum, Richardson provides an image of a formula from “a scientific piece of research entitledA Model of Information Warfare in a Society Under a Periodic Destabilizing Effect’ and was produced by 3 different Moscow universities (published in 2016). In basic terms, Russian scientists created algorithms to explain how information is disseminated, and conclude that ‘a short-term increase in the propaganda intensity does not have long-term consequences.’

His thesis is that, “Why is this relevant to nuclear doctrines? Because modern warfare is based on calling perceived bluffs. Similar to how we don’t know for sure if a man who walks down the street with his hands in his pocket is concealing a gun, the deployment of a military unit to a certain zone can either be carried out in the name of an “exercise” (bluff) or preparation for an actual hybrid provocation (like the US’ downing of MH17 via the Ukrainian Army’s hands to justify the sanctions – which in reality are anti-German – policy).”

He discusses the meaning of deterrent:

Richardson also wrote:

The abstract structure of a country’s response in 2019 may be (ordered from highest to lowest risk):

  • Nuclear weapons – guaranteed 100% (or more) mirror damage to the enemy’s country;
  • Specialised non-nuclear weapons – designed to eliminate the enemy’s army assets whilst remaining within the framework of international law;
  • Regular ground forces – used to legitimately liquidate armed proxies, but not the enemy’s army;
  • Public opinion influencers – tasked with socio-economically engineering, usually through state-owned media, NGOs, and general cyberspace meme campaigns.

As long as nuclear weapons remain in the arsenal of a country, a government will always prefer to exhaust the lower risk options. It must also be stressed that the damage these weapons can inflict is only imagined, for the same reason that the observer doesn’t know which boy will win the fight before it has started (no state has ever used a nuclear weapon against another nuclear state), hence why I always insist that warfare today mostly takes place in the mind (more about this later).

Earlier, he also detailed the public revelation by Russia of the existence their supercomputer that he surmises is running similar software. As noted in the article posted on Russia Today on December 31, 2016:

The supercomputer is a key part of the headquarters’ IT infrastructure and is so powerful that the military uses less than half of its capacity, Shoigu told Rossiya 24 TV channel, which filmed a documentary about Russia’s National Defense Management Center (NDMC). “It has open architecture – you can add or remove specific elements, build up, increase and expand its capacities, it has plenty of them,” the minister said.

The center’s supercomputer was designed to predict the development of current or future wars by analyzing the current security environment and drawing conclusions from past conflicts. It not only stores data on all major wars and conflicts, but also helps predict upcoming ones, Shoigu explained.

“Take the Yugoslavia war, for example. It was a large-scale NATO operation. Their naval buildup, missile deployments, locations and distances were all subject to the analysis,” he went on.

“And, if the machine will tell us that this or that situation is 90 percent similar to what happened in Serbia, then we will know that this is likely to happen again, and take appropriate measures,” Shoigu said. Fire TV Stick streamin... Buy New $39.99 (as of 11:14 UTC - Details)

The supercomputer has a storage capacity of 236 petabytes, or 236,000 terabytes, according to Rossiya 24. Shoigu told RIA Novosti in 2014 when the HQ was inaugurated that its storage capacity exceeds that of the Pentagon 19-fold.

He added that the giant machine can process “50 Russian State Libraries [worth of data] per second,” referring to the country’s largest library with its collection of over 17 million books, making it the fourth largest in the world.

The United States has its own supercomputer, and Science Fiction film fans might start thinking of a film titled Colossus: The Forbin Project; however, the truth is far less sinister. A YouTube video Richardson provided is here on the known American supercomputer:

Near the conclusion of his piece, Richardson writes (and he writes from a perspective sympathetic to Russia):

Russia needs (and has) the corresponding tools in order to probe adversaries and remain one step ahead not only on the physical battlefield, but also in the cyber battlefield. And it is thanks to these tools that Russia managed to prevent what would have been the 3rd bombing of Syria by the US, in 2018. The mainstream media was already broadcasting the White Helmets propaganda videos, showing “bombed hospitals” and “Assad barrel bombs”, and paving the ground for more US/French/UK bombing (Trump needs these occasional controlled strikes in order to soften up his own domestic position and to economically blackmail Russia vis-à-vis other theatres). But the Russian media, in response, kept repeating “the White Helmets have begun filming a staged chemical attack”. America even sent a warship to the Syrian coast to make the threat credible, but it turned out to be a bluff, because Russia outmaneuvered the US in the information space, having learnt from the previous 2 instances, by making any attack completely useless (“We predicted you’d stage a gas attack, and one actually happened, so now ordinary laypeople will not swallow the ‘bad Assad’ pill, and may even start to question the MSM narrative more”).

So in short: the Ministry of Defence’s supercomputer helped Putin to keep the US (and Israel) on the ropes and prevent the domestic situation from deteriorating (America wants Putin to look weak in front of his own people, paving the way for a coup d’état; the Nemtsov false flag was a failure since society did not come to the streets).

I am not trying to say that specifically these scientists wrote the algorithm of the Russian Ministry of Defence’s supercomputer. What I am trying to say, however, is that we can see a real life example of what work the Russian scientists are doing within the framework of “hybrid war”, and can thus use it to at least imagine what is going on in the defence industry. And, most importantly, it’s possible to explain to the doomsayers that international relations does not work like a light switch – on/off. The responses available to a nuclear superpower – whether it be Russia, China, or the USA – are much more diverse than just “bomb” vs “don’t bomb”. As we have seen, the main weapons of the US are armed proxies, a cyber fifth column, and sanctions. And at no point during the last 10 years have things escalated beyond point No. 3 (the use of regular ground forces in the framework of proxy warfare) in the schematic outlined above. Everyone wants to survive, remember?

Lastly, the media – both mainstream and independent – in general likes to exploit fear porn to increase the number of clicks and advertisement revenue. They will say “War with Iran around the corner”, and then the following week report “Trump imposes more sanctions on Iran”. A good general rule is that if a website tries to convince you that war is days away, then it is safe to say that it’s nonsense.

Therefore, the point I am trying to make is that real life is not as simple as a binary choice between “AI Hitler, an evil electronic sentient genius that will exterminate or replace humanity,” versus “AI is the salvation of humanity because the data it provides will help to human race to survive and avoid nuclear war.” However, Russia’s use of their supercomputer clearly is defensive and to provide options and strategy, as Richardson described in the excerpt above. And perhaps there are grounds to turn back the “Doomsday Clock” a few minutes.

In addition, I write this on June 18th 2019, Washington has not started bombing Iran. While no doubt John Bolton, in honor of John McCain, sings himself to sleep with “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” the limitations on the effectiveness of a bombing campaign were recently discussed on by William J. Astore in “The American Cult of Bombing and Endless War.” Additionally, as Andrei Martyanov comments on his blog, stealth technology is essential marketing hype and no defense against sophisticated Russian S-300 and S-400 systems; as he put it bluntly in this post:

VLO, aka Stealth, today is primarily for the consumption of housewives and fanboys from all kinds of military hardware masturbatory discussion boards, plus for the purpose of scaring the shit out of some cardboard dictators in third or fourth world shithole satrapies and only if those have anything of value to be declared a danger to democracy. Reality is, modern radar and signal processing methods, such as data fusion, and technologies of serious air-defense systems, and S-400, even in its export version, is a damn serious weapon system, basically spelled the end for this comfortable self-deluded paradigm of trading combat capability for an alleged “invisibility” and few kilometers, if that, of reduced range of detection and turned it into exercise in futility against modern integrated AD systems.

Therefore, the American Arsenal, worth hundreds of billions of dollars in export revenue to the Deep State, would be in jeopardy if the hype of its invulnerability is shattered when used in a conflict with a peer competitor or even Iran, which has a competent air defense. As Federico Pereicini wrote in Why the S-400 Is a More Formidable Threat to US Arms Industry Than You Think:

It turns out that the S-400 is a weapon system with multiple purposes that is even more lethal than previously imagined. It would therefore not be surprising that, were S-400s to be found in Cuba and Venezuela, Washington’s bellicose rhetoric against these two countries would come to an abrupt halt.

But what US military planners fear more than the S-400 embarrassing their much-vaunted F35 and F22 is the doubts they could raise about the efficacy of these stealth aircraft in the minds of allies and potential buyers. This lack of confidence would deal a mortal blow to the US arms industry, a threat far more real and devastating for them than a risk of conflict with Moscow or Beijing. War with Russia?: From... Cohen, Stephen F. Best Price: $8.99 Buy New $8.50 (as of 02:15 UTC - Details)

In addition, the current quality of the American oligarchy, recently discussed on in a post by Charles Burris on the blog is not at all impressive. Let me quote James Howard Kuntsler on their competence (think Brennan, Clapper, Comey, et al.): “The plot they concocted to get rid of [Trump] failed. And, yes, it was a plot, even a coup. And they fucked it up magnificently, leaving a paper trail as wide as Interstate-95. Now all that paper is about to fall over the District of Columbia like radioactive ash, turning many current and former denizens of rogue agencies into the walking dead as they embark on the dismal journey between the grand juries and the federal prisons.”

Even Russian State TV Channel Vesti posted this video recently to YouTube:

IQ Levels of American Elites Have PLUNGED! Too Many Mistakes [Are] Being Made Around the World!

(Incidentally, I’m not aware of a Chinese YouTube channel equivalent to Russia’s RT or Vesti News, but China’s take on America’s “elites” would certainly be of interest as well.) War Is a Force that Gi... Hedges, Chris Best Price: $1.25 Buy New $4.04 (as of 01:05 UTC - Details)

Like any other tool, AI was created by human beings; it can serve a good and higher purpose, as Mr. Richardson discussed, or it could develop into yet another doomsday device, although I think the probability of any such system achieving sentience like “Mother” is remote, as detailed in my recent article for on the nature of consciousness.

Also posted on this site was an article The Risk of Artificial Intelligence by Martin Armstrong. He writes:

But the fears running around about AI are really unfounded. They are based upon a THEORY that somehow consciousness will emerge from creating a program. Not that someone codes this development, it somehow just is born. I will never say ABSOLUTELY NO WAY, for this is a untested theory. It assumes that somehow man could create a soul so to speak. I just do not believe that.

Absolutely every step has to be coded. How do you move your arm? The thought must first emerge in your brain, your mind must know what path to send an instruction down to move the muscles. There are countless paths. You have to decided the direction. Which precise muscle to move and how.  There is a tremendous amount of coding that would be required.

I am pretty good at programming. This is all conceptual design. You first have to see it in your mind and then figure a way to code it to accomplish that end goal. This is not eary stuff. Sometimes you have to stare so hard at the problem and suddenly you see through it like a pane of glass – ah the path. Then the coding. The debugging is enough to drive you insane. The slightest most subtle error can take days to find and then you feel so stupid for it was in plane sight all the time. All of that requires the concept of how to accomplish a task. But how do you create emotion? That is different. Now you are talking about the freedom to just act arbitrarily. Of I could mimic a random thought generator seeded with the timer taking the last digit of the second. But that only creates the appearance of randomness. In programming, it is IMPOSSIBLE to create a true random generator for you quickly discover, whatever the project, it will fall back into as cycle for pure randomness cannot be coded.

I do not even know where to begin to try to create REAL human emotion since it is impossible to create randomness. I can mimic human emotion. You will get to see some of that in the final launch of Socrates. He can even joke. If you want to buy something that will decline sharply and is nowhere close to reaching a low in time or price, he can even come back and ask – Are you really sure? Did you have a bad day? But this is simply mimicking human nature. It is not creating it.

There is a substantial difference between actual random thought and mimicking since the first I cannot create, while the latter is a piece of cake. I would not know where to begin to create true emotional random thought since it is impossible to create even a simple random number generator. This is extremely important. For computers to turn against mankind as in the Terminator series or the Matrix, it requires emotion from which a random decision is made – like no I had a nasty day and suddenly I decided I do not like you.

Absolutely every step has to be coded. How do you move your arm? The thought must first emerge in your brain, your mind must know what path to send an instruction down to move the muscles. There are countless paths. You have to decided the direction. Which precise muscle to move and how.  There is a tremendous amount of coding that would be required.

I can create a self-aware system that will protect itself. No problem! I can create a system that will self-destruct or even defend itself with an electric charge – no problem. All that can be accomplished with writing code. I can even give a computer the ability to see as well as speak. That is no problem. Police already have facial recognition software. A computer can know who you are when you enter a room. While all of that may be food for Sci-Fi movies, but it is not the type of computer that will turn against its creator! If the government wants to create robots to kill man on command or create an army, that is no problem. It does not take free will to do that. Soldiers are trained to obey orders and NOT to question authority. Police are the same.

On Wired, we learn that “God Is a Bot, and Anthony Levandowski Is His Messenger.” Levandowski is one of the people responsible for self-driving cars (and that’s worked out really well, if you recall all those kamikaze Teslas) and perhaps he inspired the creators of I Am Mother:

Many people in Silicon Valley believe in the Singularity—the day in our near future when computers will surpass humans in intelligence and kick off a feedback loop of unfathomable change.

When that day comes, Anthony Levandowski will be firmly on the side of the machines. In September 2015, the multi-millionaire engineer at the heart of the trade secrets lawsuit between Uber and Waymo, Google’s self-driving car company, founded a religious organization called Way of the Future. Its purpose, according to previously unreported state filings, is nothing less than to “develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence.”

Pathetic doesn’t even begin to cover it. Therefore, let’s all take a deep breath and be more optimistic for a change: the world might be run by buffoons and lunatic occult obsessed sociopaths deluded into thinking they have the true secrets of the universe that are kept hidden from the unwashed masses but revealed to them (But the devil tells his victims what they want to hear, doesn’t he, starting from the Garden of Eden?), yet there is little likelihood that the Earth will all go up in flames—by either human or machine hands—any time soon. You don’t have to have a religious perspective to realize that truth.

Not that the religious should stop praying. Grave dangers are very real; but I’d like to think Mr. Richardson’s analysis is correct: Supercomputers and AI are making nuclear war less likely.

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