Nixon and me

And Bill Clinton too

The day after Special Counsel Robert Mueller arrested and charged me, the Nixon Foundation falsely claimed that I had no relationship with the former president.

The Nixon Foundation’s statement is ludicrous. The Foundation is run by people who never actually met Richard Nixon. In 1972, I was a junior member of Nixon’s re-election campaign staff.

I have pled not guilty to Mueller’s charges, and am respecting a gag order issued by the judge. But on the question of my warm and extensive relationship with President Nixon, the record must be corrected.

In 1972, as the youngest staff member on the Committee to Re-elect the President, I shook the great man’s hand only once, when he toured the re-election headquarters. My personal relationship with Nixon began in 1977, when he invited me to his home, Casa Pacifica in San Clemente, California after my election as National Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation. Stoneu2019s Rules: How... Roger Stone Best Price: $2.32 Buy New $3.98 (as of 10:20 EST - Details)

An extensive, four-hour discussion of current American politics blossomed into a warm relationship. With Nixon’s move to New York City and subsequently to Saddle River, New Jersey, I had frequent contact with the former leader of the free world. I spent countless hours with Nixon discussing politics, and performed various — and documented — political chores for him.

Don’t take my word for it.

‘In early 1982, [Nixon] attended a GOP fundraiser in New York,’ veteran CBS and NBC newspaper Marvin Kalb wrote in The Nixon Memo (1994). ‘It was [Nixon’s] first political appearance and he was worried about timing. “I hope this isn’t too soon,” he told consultant Roger Stone.’

Kalb’s source?: Newsweek, May 2, 1994, p. 30.

‘In early 1981,’ Kalb continued, ‘New York magazine published a bold cover with the words “He’s back!” emblazoned across a picture of Nixon. And indeed the former president was back… Roger Stone, a tough-minded political operative from the Reagan campaign, suggested that Nixon “very selectively” invite young, “unbiased” reporters to a separate round of private dinners.’

Kalb’s source?: Michael Beschloss, Vanity Fair, June 1992, p

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