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Extortion is illegal provided you call it that. If you call it something else – “emissions credits,” for instance – then it’s ok.

Tesla just extorted several hundred million dollars from FiatChrysler (FCA) via this legal means of extortion. FCA is forced to pay Elon for not building enough electric cars which people don’t want to buy – but which don’t produce that deadly inert gas, carbon dioxide. While the cars FCA sells – without subsidies – do. $50 Gift Ca... Buy New $50.00 (as of 11:50 UTC - Details)

These CO2 “emissions” – which every living soul on this Earth also “emits” with every respiration – have been hystericized into a Planetary Threat for political reasons. An inert gas – but one essential to life on this Earth – has been rebranded into an “emission,” a term which once meant harmful byproducts – things which had to be cleaned up for the sake of public health.

But carbon dioxide isn’t “dirty.”

It causes no smog, does not settle on the surfaces of things and turn them brown. It makes breathing easier because it is vital to the respiration of plants, which produce the oxygen we require for our continued respiration.

It is, however, a handy bogeyman because it’s one that can’t be dissipated. Not without turning off almost everything that is powered by an engine – in favor of things which are powered by motors.

Even then, “emissions” of C02 would continue to be “emitted” – by us (via our mouths) and by by other natural things, such as volcanoes, which “emit” in one eruption more C02 than all the C02 “emitted” by FCA’s entire lineup of vehicles ever “emitted.”

The volume of C02 “emitted” by our machines is akin to coughing in the Superdome relative to the volume of C02 “emitted” by natural machinery; the atmospheric concentration of C02 today is hundreds of parts per million less than it was at the height of life’s greatest abundance on this Earth, which was many millions of years ago and so long before the first Model T came off the line.

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