Justice Is Coming

In 2016 I wrote an article for LRC describing the HRC email scandal and the FBI’s unorthodox decision to announce that the DOJ would not be prosecuting her. It was only a few months later that the Daily Beast published the now infamous Steele Dossier which allowed the media to hijack public discourse so that for the next two years all we heard about was “Russian Collusion” and the evil ways of Vladimir Putin.

During that time it was impossible to watch the news without a deep sense of unease that we were living in an alternate reality to the one being created through the media. That situation changed almost over night after Andrew McCabe, a career FBI attorney admitted on 60 minutes that he had conspired to overthrow the democratically elected President of the United States.

Immediately after McCabe’s confession, Fox news had Alan Derschowitz on Tucker’s show branding McCabe’s actions as an ” attempted coup d’etat”. The news cycle evolved so quickly that even MSNBC news anchors were discussing the coup in tones of disbelief.  McCabe made it almost impossible for even today’s media to maintain the farce that what Obama’s FBI and DOJ did was acceptable. How could it be that a lawyer privy to ongoing, secret investigations and allegedly under investigation himself would think it is a good idea to go on national television and bear his soul to the world?

Was it a coincidence that this confession was made exactly during the week that William Barr was sworn in as Trump’s new Attorney General? Or what about the fact that it was only a few days later that CNN reported the end of the Mueller investigation? Meanwhile, seemingly out of nowhere it becomes public information that James Baker, FBI chief counsel believed and still believes that HRC should have been prosecuted for storing and sending classified information via a private email server in her basement.

McCabe’s confession did not trigger the newly heightened pace of Trump’s offensive against the Obama FBI and DOJ, but it certainly signaled the acceleration by reclaiming the narrative. The real trigger event for the next stage was the confirmation of Barr as the nation’s top prosecutor. (PERIOD) What Barr does next will confirm whether or not we have entered a new phase in the Trump saga. A phase that promises to bring with it a storm of justice of biblical proportions. Ship of Fools: How a S... Carlson, Tucker Check Amazon for Pricing.

What happens next? Well, first we can expect Barr to check in on the FBI/DOJ’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz. In September of last year, Trump authorized the declassification of FISA related documents but later “backed down” and assigned Horowitz to review the information to ensure that national interests would not be harmed by the public release of the documents. In addition to reviewing the FISA documents for declassification, Horowitz’s team is investigating the FBI and DOJ’s actions when it applied for FISA warrants. These two critical activities are closely related and certainly a priority for Barr. There is no doubt that Barr will be checking in on Horowitz and more than likely supporting him as he reports to the public on the outcome of those two critical investigations.

We don’t know whether Barr has already had this meeting with Horowitz but it is almost certain that he has met with Robert Mueller or does anyone really think that end of the Mueller investigation is just a coincidence? It makes sense that Barr would allow Mueller to finish his investigation prior to Horowitz declassifying the FISA documents. First let Mueller exonerate Trump and then let the new DOJ

administration make the its information public. Mueller was promoted by the mockingbird media as the white horse that would save the country from Trump. It will be helpful for him to hang up his boots prior to Trump’s FBI and DOJ going on the offensive.

So, to summarize (tl;dr) here is what we can expect:

  1. End of the Mueller investigation.
  2. Declassification of the FISA Documents.
  3. Release of the DOJ/FBI OIG report on the FISA warrant application process.
  4. Public awareness of the ongoing grand jury investigations being carried out by US attorneys.
  5. Justice for must of us, PAIN for the criminals.

To those of us paying attention, McCabe’s interview was the vanity card movie studios use to signal the end of advertisements and trailers and the start of the main feature. Hopefully, we have all grabbed our popcorn are comfortably buckled up in our seats and prepared to enjoy the show.