Tasered 11 Times Over Turn Signal

Here’s a particularly awful story and video out of Glendale, AZ – with implications that are national.

Armed government workers followed a car into a parking lot – over an alleged turn signal violation – and almost immediately escalate the traffic stop into a violent “takedown” that ends with the front seat passenger being Tasered 11 times.

He “don’t got no ID,” says the AGW. “Shut up. Shut up. You’re fine.”

The passenger – who was not driving – didn’t make the alleged illegal U turn and so objected to the AGW’s demand for his ID. Many people do not realize – understandably – that when a vehicle is stopped by AGWs because the driver allegedly committed a traffic violation, the law in some states empowers AGWs to demand ID from the passengers as well. Amazon.com Gift Card i... Best Price: null Buy New $25.00 (as of 11:36 EST - Details)

This is another one of those laws designed to get around our ex-protections  – articulated in plain English by the Fourth and Fifth  Amendments, parsed into the opposite of their plain meaning by the government’s lawyers, who represent its interests rather than ours – i.e., the Supreme Court.

The vehicle’s passengers’ rights are negated because of something the driver allegedly did. It seems obnoxious because it is – and many people are incredulous when confronted with demands for their ID when they themselves violated no traffic or other law – and hence, have given AGWs no probable cause to search or interrogate them.

Well, the man expressed incredulity  – and questioned the AGW’s demands.

This affronted the Authority of the AGWs, which is the most dangerous “offense” one can commit in the United States these days.

They commenced to show the man how to respect their Authority:

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