The Devil Hates Mockery

A review of Snowflake Buddies: ABC Leftism for Kids (Shotwell, 2018) by Lewis Liberman

It is said that the one thing Satan cannot stand is mockery. The primal sin is pride, and a swollen ego can handle intellectual assaults; what evil cannot handle is someone making fun of it.

Contemporary Leftism is an evil system, for it prides itself in transcending natural human limitations by force of will. Human nature is denied, and human nature is considered by Leftists to be infinitely malleable. Over time, this ideology pushes Leftism into more and more absurd positions, to the point that the only proper response is mockery.

Lewis Liberman, in his hilarious “children’s book,” Snowflake Buddies, succeeds through an “ABC” exercise for “kids,” cartoons, word games, and other clever illustrations to make contemporary Leftism look as silly as it is. He does not leave those who condemn the South out of his humor either; there is plenty for traditional Southerners to admire in this book. Snowflake Buddies: ABC... Lewis Liberman Best Price: $17.20 Buy New $12.95 (as of 08:20 EDT - Details)

On the first page is an “endorsement,” complete with a seal, of “The Society of the Golden Pacifier: A Leftist Fraternity of Intolerant Crybabies,” complete with a cartoon of a pacifier in the center. Anyone who has dealt with the current crop of radical Leftists recognizes both the humor–and accuracy–in this image. This is followed by an “ABC” exercise in which each letter of the alphabet stands for a certain kind of Leftist. Although the quality and flow of the rhymes varies, the result is hilarious, especially with the accompanying cartoons. Yet there is an undercurrent of seriousness in many of the verses. Take, for example, “K is for Kara the Kindergarten Teacher,” complete with a cartoon of a teacher pointing to a board with a peace and love sign followed by “2 + 2 =5” and “ABCDLBGT.” The serious look on the cartoon character’s face belies the nonsensical poison she teaches:

Kara the Kindergarten Teacher molds young minds,
with Marxist ideology she happily blinds
The public school system she devoutly defends,
and unknowingly to Hell
a generation she sends.

The point is dead serious–and true. Teaching an ideology that denies reality, denies any transcendent source of morality, denies any intrinsic limitations on human will or on human nature, communicates to children a demonic ideology that, if taken seriously, is inevitably corrupting.

The “Lincoln Lover” operates his bulldozer to smash Confederate monuments, and the cartoon figure foams at the mouth and has crazed eyes and a wicked smile while engaging in destruction. The cartoon is funny since it captures the fanaticism of those who would destroy monuments honoring the Confederate fallen.

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