Roger Stone’s Shock And Awe Arrest Is ‘An American Nightmare,’ Says Judge Napolitano

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano called Roger Stone’s arrest “an American nightmare” and said it was meant to intimidate him and send a message to the public.

“This is jackboots in the morning. This is an American nightmare that they would arrest somebody like this,” Napolitano said on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday.

“[He’s] not a public threat. It’s not a crime of violence. He has no criminal record. His passport expired. He doesn’t own any weapons and they went after him with this kind of fire power,” he continued. “Why did they do that? Probably to intimidate him and to send a message to the public at large: this must be a bad guy or we wouldn’t use that kind of force to arrest him.”

Napolitano said the fact that Stone was freed on his own recognizance gives insight into what the judge thinks of the case and predicted a gag order would be issued to prevent Stone from going on TV.

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