Avoiding Trouble During Uncertain Times

There has been a lot of concern about civil unrest and what the next few years are going to bring to us. This has made me think about how so many of us get into situations that can be avoided with a little thought and preparedness.

Avoid large crowds if times are tense

I don’t expect everyone to live with the level of isolation I do. It is a choice that has allowed me to live the life I do. I used to see more music shows and things like that but to be honest, I cringe at the thought of being in a space that I cannot exit easily or have a good grasp of the situation. This girl is not going to be in any darkened movie theaters or huge amphitheaters. I am glad I got to see Pearl Jam during better times because that probably is not going to happen again. The Prepperu2019s Blue... Tess Pennington Best Price: $11.98 Buy New $18.98 (as of 02:20 EST - Details)

If you plan on going to a larger shopping center, exercise some caution

Large shopping centers like malls and Wal-Marts are not where you want to be during tense times. Over time, there may reach a point where even smaller stores require being on guard more than you might like.

During times of strife, if looting becomes an issue, remember that during the beginning of a real SHTF scenario, people are at the point where they will take items that are luxuries they desire, not the necessities that will aid the survival of them or their families. If you find yourself in a store when looting starts, you are safer and better off in the long term if you are the person grabbing canned meat and not the latest phone, laptop, or television.

Limit unnecessary trips for supplies

Are you one of those folks that will drive to town for two things that you could do without? Well, you need to get over that for SHTF. At my house, we do a large grocery and household products shopping trip in town once per month with a smaller shopping trip during the second half of the month.

Items like toilet paper and paper towels that take up the whole grocery cart we order online and have delivered. This allows us to get a bigger return for the time we spend shopping in town.

Not making a ton of trips limits your exposure to distracted drivers and the chances of running into civil unrest. There is the added benefit of less wear and tear on your car and not spending as much on gas or diesel.

Plenty of people overspend on impulse buys if they do a lot of small trips to stores because it means you have more opportunities for temptation.

People will not be in their right mind during SHTF

When times are tense, people are not focused on what is going on around them as much. Those that are easily distracted and stressed are not going to be driving as well. People also tend to drink more and consume more illicit substances during hard times. On the other hand, some people cannot get the medicines or drugs they are used to and are thus in withdrawal and distracted by mental and physical symptoms. SAS Survival Handbook,... Wiseman, John 'Lofty' Best Price: $12.99 Buy New $12.49 (as of 01:15 EST - Details)

Avoid protest areas or any parts of town where a popular or controversial political candidate is going to speak.

If I hear on the news that someone like Obama or Trump is going to give a speech in a nearby city, you can bet your bottom dollar that Matt and I will be nowhere near that area or town. It is very easy to plan our lives out so that we don’t have the need.

I understand why people protest, but the truth is that most protests don’t do any good if the powers that be want something to be a certain way. The potential for rioting is great, and when people are very emotional, it is very easy to provoke someone without even intending to. All someone in a protest has to do is point you out and say something, and the mob mentality may mean that some very negative attention is put on you. This can be very serious or even fatal if times are edging towards SHTF or a high stakes issue is at the root of the gathered crowd.

Being too curious can get you killed or seriously hurt very fast

Even just observing the action of gathering or protest can have terrible consequences. Civilians caught up in people running or pinpointed for looking a certain way are possibilities. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time can be avoided in a lot of cases. I don’t care if you want to experience history in the making, stay home and stay safe with your family if at all possible.

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