Poland Trolls the Global Environmentalists at UN Climate Meeting

Here is a Polish joke our conservative Polish-American friends should love.

A two week gathering of diplomats and climate ‘experts’ on man-made global warming started in Katowice, Poland this week. The purpose of the meetings is to strengthen the Paris Climate Accord to stem purported climate damage, which the environmentalists claim, is caused by burning fossil fuel.  Note that the greatest bugaboo to the enviros is not oil; it’s coal. To them, coal is so evil that President Barack  Hussein  Obama promised to shut down the entire U.S. coal industry through the heavy hand of government regulations.

So how was the Katowice conference kicked off?

The Polish Coal Miners band, dressed in smart black uniforms and wearing traditional mines caps, struck up a tune as confused-looking delegates arrived at the convention center in Katowice, a city in the heart of Poland’s coal mining country.

Coal was proudly displayed in cases around the convention pavilion. Coal, fashioned in jewelry, was for sale. A coal-based cosmetic company even touted products that it claimed would treat ‘both body and soul.’

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