The Cost of a Time Machine

The good news first.

You can legally buy a brand-new car without a single air bag or any of the saaaaaaafety equipment mandated by the government since the late 1960s.

No back-up camera, ABS, TCS or black box data recorder.

Not even a seat belt buzzer.

A car you can see out of, too – that doesn’t need a back-up camera. Doesn’t try to parent you – and never nags you. $50 Gift Ca... Buy New $50.00 (as of 02:25 EST - Details)

Even better news, these cars are brand-new 1960s Mustangs. Not restored originals, but brand-new cars – built using all new Ford-licensed sheetmetal and put together to a standard that wasn’t possible in the ‘60s.

Panel fitment is exacting; the doors close as tightly as a new Camrys. These new Mustangs do not squeak or leak. Trim is not misaligned. The paintwork is perfect; no orange peel or drips – a common “feature’ that came standard with many 1960s-era cars.

No points to set or carbs to jet, either.

While the bodywork is virtually identical to the originals, including the absence of ugly federal 5 MPH bumpers – and the presence of beautifully chromed pre-Uncle bumpers – these doppelganger Mustangs are not powered by original 1960s engines.

They are powered by the same engines as the current (2018) Mustang GT – the one you do have to buy with eight air bags (driver and passenger, side-impact on both sides, curtain air bags and knee bags, too) plus all the rest of it. $25 Gift Ca... Check Amazon for Pricing.

But that’s ok.

As sweet as the old 289 Hi-Po was that powered the ’66 GT, it only made 271 horsepower and a ’66 GT needed about 7 seconds to get to 60  . . . right there with a new four cylinder Camry.

The new ’66 GT (hardtop, fastback or convertible) is powered by the current Mustang GT’s 5.0 liter V8, which makes 460 horsepower. It gets the doppelganger to 60 in less than four seconds – quicker than the current GT – because the new ’66 is several hundred pounds lighter.

Because it’s not weighed down by all the government-mandated saaaaaaaafety stuff.

Plus, you can see where you’re going.

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