Mazda Cries Uncle, Too

Depressing news. Mazda – one of the very few major car brands to not embrace the electric car tar baby – just did.

The same company that – just a year ago – said that “driving matters” has now officially announced it will “electrify” all of its cars by 2030.

You should know why.

It’s not because there’s huge demand for “electrified” cars. There is in fact almost no demand for them. Only about 1 percent of all cars sold last year were “electrified” and those were sold almost entirely in California and Arizona, states where car companies are forced to build them in order to comply with “zero emissions” car quotas. These cars are economic throw-ways. Built because the government requires it, then unloaded (and written off) at a loss, the costs transferred to buyers of cars for which there is real market demand.

So why is Mazda – why is every major car company – tripling down on “electrification? Gift Card i... Buy New $10.00 (as of 02:40 EST - Details) It is because of the fuel efficiency fatwas I have been ranting about for years and which are on the verge of becoming the tool by which the government will not only force Mazda and every other car company to manufacturer “electrified” cars for which there is no natural market, but will force us to buy them since there will be no more option not to buy them.

As the trade magazine Automotive News styles it – in the approving argot of the captive car press: “The plan, announced Tuesday, signals a diversification away from the Japanese carmaker’s dependence on traditional internal combustion engines as it reacts to increasingly stringent fuel economy rules.”

Note the language.

The “carmaker’s dependence on traditional internal combustion engines…”

Its “dependence”?

This language is the same species of lunatic reality reversal on display during the Kavanaugh inquisition – in which the man (leaving aside the issue of his politics) was faulted for displaying anger at being publicly accused of gang raping women while a woman who publicly accused the man of a vile act with no evidence to back her up was practically deified as Joan d’ Arc incarnate  on the  basis of her . . . “sincerity.”

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