Fostering Sociopaths in Modern America

As economist Martin Armstrong describes in a recent article, sociopaths have found a stage in politics, which suits them well.  Armstrong’s definition of sociopathy is “gaining sympathy and concern from others in order to achieve their own ends.”  Says Armstrong (paraphrased): “If you find yourself siding with a candidate who campaigns for your sympathy, chances are close to 100 percent you are dealing with a sociopath.”

The sociopath must pose some villain that is abusing him/her, whether it be an ex-spouse, a co-worker that is standing in their way of a promotion, or a person who is competing with them for political office.  That is why politics attracts sociopaths.  The candidate who is best able to portray themselves as a victim seeks to win over the evil “deplorables.”  This is largely a female tactic.

Women use this strategy in divorce to gain sympathy from their children, eventually getting their kids to go to work to save mommy from being destitute instead of starting their own life and careers.

The Boy Crisis: Why Ou... Gray PhD, John Best Price: $10.00 Buy New $12.42 (as of 11:35 EST - Details) The party to who is best at playing the role of victim in divorce will win over their children.  This sociopathic tactic is more prevalent now that women seek public office, or positions of power in the workplace.  It has led to the political theatre we now see in America.

Women tend to band together because men supposedly have all the advantages, freedom from monthly periods, greater autonomy, higher pay, not burdened with child raising (abortion takes care of accidental pregnancies).  Women now seek the rank, income and numerous sexual partners men have.

So women go after careers and forego childbearing, at least till their 40s, and once women can buy their own jewelry and “use” a man to get pregnant and have a child, or even adopt a kid for that matter, they don’t need men any longer.  Forget about the kids ever knowing who their father is.

This practice spans the entire spectrum of politics.  A popular unmarried female conservative radio talk show political commentator, who will remain unnamed, has resisted overtures from at least four suitors and adopted three kids.  No father needed as her income is in the millions of dollars.

In divorce, in some States, there is no financial incentive to stay married.  Divorce gives women the right to their mate’s money.  If the male wage earner can’t provide spousal support, he is characterized as a deadbeat dad, which further feeds the mother’s victimhood.   Why Men Earn More: The... Farrell, Dr Warren Best Price: $14.60 Buy New $14.99 (as of 08:50 EST - Details)

How can a truck driver support two rents, two cars and have any time to be with his children?  And he finds himself in divorce court in front of a female judge who is solely there to protect vulnerable women.  Divorce attorneys milk the father for all his money, drawing out a prolonged divorce in hearing after hearing in divorce court.  Divorced men often end up living in basements of friend’s homes.

Frankly, the kids would do better living with their father says Warren Farrell PhD, author of THE BOY CRISIS, who goes into family court on behalf of fathers to make that point and has successfully won back custody for fathers in 8 of 10 court appearances.

Kids are often raised solely by mothers (smotherhood).  We see the outcome of this in the shortened life of British fashion designer Alexander McQueen who upon the death of his mother committed suicide at age 40 because “there was very little to live for.”

The appeal to vote on gender lines if adopted by women would gain ~40% of votes right off the top leaving only another 10% of male votes to attract.  The opposing candidate is mischaracterized as a misogynist, prejudiced against women.  What that has to do with having skills to be the political leader of the modern world, being responsible for upholding Constitutional law, or ability to manage trillions of dollars?

Women Can’t Hear... Warren Farrell Best Price: $1.50 Buy New $7.19 (as of 08:50 EST - Details) Do we want a leader divvying out public money to needy immigrants based upon sympathy when the nation can ill afford it?  Financial irresponsibility in the same of empathy is what?  A country that is out of touch with reality, that continues to run up bills (giveaways) to gain votes while driving the country into greater debt, that is empathy without regard for financial responsibility.

The false presumption is that women hold the higher moral ground.  What we now see is women who head up the Defense Departments of their countries.  There are four women who have that responsibility in Scandinavian countries.  I hope they get their makeup on right before they have to go out in front of cameras and announce a declaration of war.

How would a female President deal with an approaching horde of thousands of immigrants who seek to illegally cross the southern border of the US?  Open that door and millions more will follow, bringing with them even greater amounts of infectious diseases (TB, whooping cough, hepatitis, enteroviruses like polio, measles, etc.), and crime, and demands for welfare (their babies have to have milk) and eventually destruction of property values where they decide to reside.  All of this comes under the banner of empathy.

And if illegal pregnant immigrant mothers hop over the border and give birth in the USA to so-called “anchor babies,” then those infants have rights (to welfare, i.e. other people’s money) as citizens.  Mothers of anchor babies are gaming the system.

And why was America allowing immigrants to cross the border illegally anyway?  Because liberated American women were having fewer babies (the USA is “population negative”) and the country doesn’t have enough younger workers to pay (FICA payroll deductions for Medicare & Social Security) for the burgeoning costs of caring for a longer-living population of seniors.

The Best Interests of ... Dr. Warren Farrell Best Price: null Buy New $5.99 (as of 08:50 EST - Details) As author Joseph King writes in his book THE RETURN OF MEN, the rise of women in politics and in the judicial system is accompanied by a shift toward empathy over justice, multiculturalism over nationalism, and equality over merit (the bottom 10% of law schools is comprised of minorities).  Via affirmative action the country ends up with inferior lawyers, doctors, judges, etc. in the pursuit of equality.  Be careful when selecting a brain surgeon.

Forget Thanksgiving with the traditional extended family gathering around a table of home cooked food— that day is long over.  The absent father is the real turkey that is being baked.

Fatherless kids now abound who find just as they enter young adulthood (20s) and need to start their own lives (career, marriage, home, kids), their mother having given birth to them late in her childbearing years (40s), that they now have to financially support their mother who is entering retirement and claims she had to give up her life for them and now they must reciprocate.  (I know, that is a run-on sentence.)

Young girls, lacking a father, may be promiscuous and unconsciously seek out older men, and young boys, lacking a father, are groomed by pedophiles (and even Catholic priests).  America is breeding sociopaths!

The social fabric of American life, in particular the nuclear family, is being disintegrated under the banner of female freedom.  Who would ever have thought that nurturing females, who care for infants and the helpless and the underdog, would be undoing the moral foundations of American life?

Why Men Are the Way Th... Farrell, Warren Best Price: $3.09 Buy New $22.95 (as of 08:50 EST - Details) The fact is, women by virtue of their control over the household checkbook are matriarchs.  Whoever has the household checkbook controls the family.  That runs counter to the traditional Christian viewpoint that the father is the head of the household.  That along with opposition to abortion is why Christianity is in the crosshairs of feminism.

I’ve asked many women who were divorced or widowed, do they have any inclination to give priority to the needs of their children and restore a father or a manly influence in their kids’ lives?  I have yet to receive a positive response.

The ramifications of feminism reign throughout America, from family life to the family court and the political arena.  Unfortunately, a growing number of American women are oblivious to any of this.  Women can fix this, but first they have to give up on the false premise they are victims.  And that is the very definition of sociopathy.

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