Hero Spotting Just Got Easier

There is at least one upside to Ford’s announcement earlier this year that it will be transitioning (like Bruce) away from making cars to making mostly crossovers and trucks. The Mustang will survive, but the Taurus and Fusion sedans are on borrowed time.

Which will mean less confusion about which cars armed government workers drive. Which will make it easier for us to avoid them – which is important for our safety.

Armed government workers are very dangerous – to us. “Terrorists” haven’t killed anyone this year and not many last year or the year before that – and they haven’t managed to take away any of Our Freedoms.

Armed government workers, on the other hand . . . are a constant threat. And not just to our freedoms, whatever’s left of them.

The most minor “offense” can result in us lying facedown on the pavement, bleeding out … if the armed government worker feels his authority has been affronted.

They are best avoided.

Right now, it is harder to suss them out.

Lots of cops drive the Taurus – which replaced the Crown Vic when it got retired back in 2011 as the main cop car of choice – after the Dodge Charger.

And the Charger, too, is on borrowed time, too.

It is literally the last of the V8 Interceptors – for those of you speak Mad Max. And the problem with that – for FiatChrysler, of which Dodge is a subsidiary – is that cars like the Charger are a huge drag on corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) . . . averages.

One V8 Charger in the lineup makes it really hard to average 30-something MPG, the current mandatory minimum decreed by the government. It will make it impossible to average the 50-something MPG mandatory minimum threatened by the government. You Have the Right to ... James Duane Best Price: $5.99 Buy New $5.15 (as of 06:45 EDT - Details)

Trump is trying to hold the line but even if he does, his successor as Decider – either in 2020 or 2024 – could just as easily re-Decide and the car companies all know this and fear this and have been revamping their lineups on the assumption that whatever the current Decider does, it will be temporary at best.

Even if the fuel economy fatwa is dialed back, temporarily or longer term, the government has a back-up plan to get rid of cars like the Charger: The unanswerable trump card of “greenhouse gas emissions.”

No matter how clean-burning in terms of actually harmful emissions Chrysler manages to make the Charger – and like all new cars, it is already so clean it is almost a Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (PZEV) by the government’s own standards – its “greenhouse gas emissions” (carbon dioxide) can’t be scrubbed or substantially reduced without fundamentally changing what it is to something very different. Something much smaller – and much smaller-engined.

Not suitable for cop car “duty.”

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