Some Things You Bring Home With You

Can there be any surprise when you hear that the abortion clinic counselor is bringing her work home with her, that she is having a hard time leaving the emotions of the office back at the office, that she can’t sleep at night like she used to before she started that job, that she’s feeling engulfed by what happens at work and has it on her mind all the time, whether at work or away from work, that she needs a few extra drinks at the end of the day to really relax, and that alcohol doesn’t always do it for her the way it used to. Can any of this really be a surprise?

A parent said all that to me the other day. I couldn’t believe my ears, first of all that their daughter had ended up working in an abortion clinic, secondly that they were shocked by any of the inner conflict resulting from her decision to work there. She wasn’t stuck in some imaginary life situation where either facilitating abortions or starvation were her two options. Fresh out of college, she chose to spend her time like that.

We have 16 waking hours a day. Some people can squeeze a few extra out of that. Most people can’t. The more you travel to work, the less time you have. The more you spend on daily necessities that do not fulfill you, the less time you have. You are left, when all is said and done, with 12, 13, possibly 14 hours each day to fulfill yourself.

The number of days you have been promised extend as far as yesterday. Today is not promised to you. Emotional Intelligence... Travis Bradberry, Jean... Best Price: $3.03 Buy New $6.83 (as of 04:00 EDT - Details)

What you have chosen to do with the time that you have, the precious time, the precious few hours is the most accurate statement of what you believe about yourself and what you believe about life. Your words in contrast mean little. Your actions say it all.

Do you spend all day smiling? Do you spend all day somewhere you hate? Do you spend all day in a role that will make you a better you? Is your day spent in the short-sighted? Does your day make you a worse you? Does your day leave you grasping for more day any way that you can get it, grasping for ways to give more of you any way you can get it, grasping for more to give because it so inspires, because it so stokes the passion? Are you so compelled with what you are doing that you must have more? Does your life prosper because of the feedback loop of energy that you put out into the world, energy, when released mightily enough always seems to return to you magnified?

If you see the truth, and you do nothing to move yourself toward the truth, you are part of the problem. You have not made yourself the change you wish to see in the world. It is not enough to be woke. The command to be the change you wish to see in the world is sage advice. It doesn’t matter who it came from. Start with you, others may follow. More importantly you have been changed by your understanding of the world when you start with you, when you start with every precious moment being a step toward the path of making you the best you can be, of getting the most of what you love out of the moment, and more importantly putting the most of what you love into a moment. Death at the age of 45 is no tragedy if the life was well lived, death at the age of 145 is no victory if the life was poorly lived.

The moment is now. Your actions say everything about you.

The lessons of life need not be learned originally through you. Many others have lived lives notable, and have made mistakes grand, that wisdom can be gleaned from. Great ancient books are full of wisdom on how to live the best spiritual life and it’s no coincidence that in the right hands they tell how to live the best life. Great tomes have been written that do the same, that elucidate truth for the truth seeker. In our forgetful era, a technologically advanced era, an era of many options and great human mobility, the lessons of the past are more vitally important than ever. You can screw up your life in 15 ways before lunch in the present era, an era therefore, in which individual wisdom is more necessary than ever. Principles: Life and Work Ray Dalio Best Price: $14.50 Buy New $18.00 (as of 11:45 EDT - Details)

If you think about life with enough clarity, read the right elucidators of ideas, surround yourselves with people whose understanding of the world far precedes the day they were placed on this earth, you find yourself at a great advantage in our era, an era where a little bit of sense goes a long way, a little bit of insistence on a good path goes a long way, where a little bit of a compass of who you are and where you are going in the midst of all this splendor goes a long way.

It’s not hard to spend the moment in the best way that you can. All you need is a little bit of sense and a little bit of vigor, and in a positive feedback loop you grow those muscles and begin to move increasingly in the right direction with increasing momentum.

Human existence has always rewarded the combination of effort and insight; this is an era that benefits those individuals with a little effort and a little insight even more fully.

The government is near irrelevant, legacy money quickly leaves hands that don’t know what to do with it, a new facet of technology that allows you to magnify your impact in some way is created almost daily. This is truly a magnificent time to be alive. The woke among us, and those with a bit of vigor for life have the head start. Lucky for everyone else, lucky for all humanity, it’s not hard to develop either that sense of awareness about the world or that sense of awareness about yourself.  The world rewards the hard worker who has those both.