Gun Review: Building, Shooting the Polymer 80

Over the last year I’ve had the opportunity to build and shoot a couple of Polymer 80 handgun frames. I started with the PF940C Compact (Glock 19 size) which now has over 6,000 rounds through it without an issue. I’ll admit I was at first surprised by that. It seems to me that whenever you deviate from the proven recipe of a firearm that it never works as advertised. So it would be safe to say that I was very skeptical when I first laid my hands on one.

Polymer 80’s are “80 percent lowers,” hence the name. This is an arbitrary term that refers to a firearm which is in a stage that is not yet considered complete. These lowers are not serialized and do not require a background check. They ship right to your door and after completion you are considered the manufacturer. Please do check your local and state laws before ordering and building a Polymer 80.

What does it take to complete a frame?

When you receive your Polymer 80 it will arrive in a neat little black box. Inside the box will be your un-finished frame with the jig to guide you on your quest towards a completed frame. All the bits to remove material and drill your pin holes will be provided as well. Side note: You can use a Dremel tool to remove the necessary material as well. The only lower parts provided are the rails and locking block.

When you are ready cut and drill make sure you take your time! Polymer 80 makes this a very easy straight forward process but once material is removed it can’t be put back. I’m by no means a “handy” or “crafty” individual but I was able to successfully complete a P80 frame in under 30 minutes.

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