Dixie Rising: Rules for Rebels

After reading “Punished With Poverty” I wanted to know if there was a way out for the occupied Confederate States, so I read the Kennedy Twin’s other new book “Dixie Rising“. A well thought out plan for regaining the founder’s vision of government by the consent of the governed, and those who may disagree please write us a book and tell us how you would go about such a monumental task?? No plan is ever perfect, but one thing for sure, if we continue to do what we’ve always done, we’ll always be where we’ve always been since April 9th, 1865. Dixie Rising: Rules fo... James Ronald Kennedy Check Amazon for Pricing.

First mission, according to the Kennedy Boys, is to re-educate our Southern brethren, and a good way to start is by spreading these two gentleman’s books far and wide over Dixie! The “Good Book” says: ” My people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge” quite a prophetic statement in view of the current state of the education our Southern children are receiving form the Yankee controlled PC Public schools! While the Kennedy plan may not be perfect, I give it 5 stars, as I have yet to see a better one!

Reprinted from Amazon.com.