YouTube Deleted Brownells’ Video Channel, Restored After Backlash

Online firearms retailer Brownells over the weekend had their popular YouTube channel terminated by the video hosting service owned by Google.

The channel, started 11 years ago by the iconic gun parts warehouse, had amassed over 67,000 subscribers in the past decade but according to the Iowa-based company, it was terminated by YouTube on Saturday without notice or explanation. Brownells fired back on social media, urging their fans and followers to contact the video platform and parent Google, “If you’re opposed to the continued attack on our community’s First and Second Amendment rights,” supplying various links to do so.

YouTube was then vilified across FacebookTwitter and other social media sites for the move throughout the weekend by Brownells’ supporters who took the video service to task.  This amplified after news aggregator The Drudge Report focused on the story.

By late Sunday afternoon, the channel had been restored. While Brownells thanked their supporters for their help they said there had been no explanation for the channel’s abrupt cancellation.

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