Of Russians, Soviets, and Collusion

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the present political climate is the general acceptance, by a huge number of Americans, that Russia and/or Vladimir Putin “colluded” to rig the 2016 presidential election for Donald Trump. I don’t dismiss any “conspiracy theory,” because most of them are borne out of our systemic corruption.

However, the Russian “collusion” conspiracy theory is so absurd, so absent any evidence, so contrary to any rational notion of common sense, that it must be confronted for what it is. It is state propaganda, one of the few “conspiracy theories” ever devised by and for the state, and not in opposition to it. It has been swallowed by many otherwise astute leftists, simply because of the abject hatred they feel for Donald Trump. Because of this visceral enmity, they have become willing to believe anything negative about him, with the obvious hope that something, anything, will make him go away and disappear back into the recesses of the One Percent.

The “collusion” theory is based upon the very real, very provable campaign on the part of the Democratic National Committee to deny Bernie Sanders, the clear favorite of primary voters, the party’s nomination. All of this was documented via internal party memos released by Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Somehow, this has been twisted completely around, so that the actual villains here- the DNC and the corrupt candidate (Hillary Clinton) they “colluded” for, have become victims.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, protested the DMC’s “collusion” for Clinton and against Sanders a lot more vocally than Sanders- the actual victim here- ever did. Sanders, in fact, has now publicly supported the ridiculous Russian “collusion” scenario himself! It’s hard to imagine a more concrete example of the theatrical and insincere nature of American politics. And yet, through nonstop promotion by the mainstream media, DNC collusion has become Russian collusion, and the beneficiary has been changed from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. Hidden History: An Exp... Donald Jeffries Best Price: $11.16 Buy New $14.52 (as of 10:25 EDT - Details)

In my book Hidden HistoryI featured an entire section on voting fraud in America. The late Collier brothers documented this thoroughly decades ago in their book Votescam. The same “journalists” who have ignored the real and troubling evidence of voter fraud, perpetrated by home grown authorities and not Russians- are the loudest voices shouting that American voters were “robbed” by the dastardly Russians. Even if this were true- which it demonstrably is not- understand that they are irate that voters were “robbed” of a President Hillary Clinton.

There was even a high-profile unnatural death associated with the DNC’s corrupt theft of its nomination from Sanders. Seth Rich, a young DNC staffer, was all but explicitly named by Julian Assange as the individual who leaked the information exposing DNC- not Russian- subterfuge. Rich was gunned down in Washington, D.C. by a still unknown assailant or assailants. He was not robbed, and there have been a host of curious questions raised about his death. Of course, all of these questions were raised by “conspiracy theorists,” not professional journalists.

When Sean Hannity- of all people- conducted an extremely rare investigative report on the Rich murder, there was a nuclear response from the establishment. Fox News summarily apologized, and Seth Rich’s family threatened to sue the network for…I suppose trying to seek the truth about their son’s murder.

It has been sad or hilarious, depending upon one’s perspective, to watch the left’s reaction to this Russian “collusion” fantasy. Keith Olbermann, former ESPN wannabe comedian turned serious “journalist,” has become truly apoplectic, even mentally unstable over the story. In one deranged rant last year, he shouted about how America is “at war” with the Russians. While this country has been at war perpetually for most of its existence, we have never yet been at war with the Russians. Evidently, Olbermann and his ilk really, really want that.

Up until Vladimir Putin rose to power in Russia, the establishment left collectively held a very different attitude. During the reign of the Soviet Union, when Russia undeniably took over many different sovereign nations and swallowed territory as greedily as the Nazis, these same leftists would have been distraught at any notion of an armed conflict with them. They supported cooperation and detente. This was a wise attitude, in my view. So why, at this point in time, when the Soviet Union has long been dismantled, and Russia is struggling to become a more democratic country, are they such a threat to America, and the world?

Donald Trump has been lambasted for simply saying we should try to get along with Russia. He was raked over the coals by some good people for advocating that Russia be allowed back into the G-7 summit. The left has even taken on the mantle of those they have long demonized, with their own guilt-by-association tactics. I honestly think the majority of mainstream “liberals” today would fully support a new Un-American Activities Committee, as long as it was geared towards rooting out “Russian” influence in our government, and ultimately removing Trump from office.

I have seen the word “traitor” thrown around cavalierly, directed at Trump because of this imaginary, entirely fictional Russian “collusion” story. These same leftists would have blanched at anyone, anywhere, calling Barack Obama a “traitor” for any reason. They probably would have instinctively responded with cries of “racism.” 1984 (Signet Classics) George Orwell Best Price: $0.39 Buy New $0.39 (as of 09:50 EDT - Details)

All of this is not a defense of Donald Trump. I shouldn’t have to stipulate that, but it is necessary in today’s fractured political climate. Trump is many things; arrogant and juvenile beyond caricature, crude and superficial, to name just a few. But he is not a Russian “agent.” He was not elected because the Russians somehow magically “hacked” the election. Why he was permitted to be elected, by our corrupt masters, is a legitimate question to ask. But it is our own corrupt elite that control the polls in this country; not Vladimir Putin and the Russians.

Donald Trump has become not only the biggest lightning rod this country has ever seen, he has become the conduit through which all information about any political issue must travel. Every issue now is impacted by how one views Trump. Those supporters who irrationally cling to fantasies that he’s playing some kind of super chess not comprehended by mere mortals are willing to applaud anything he says or does, no matter how much it contradicts his campaign rhetoric.

Those who hate Trump, however- and he generates more hate than any human being ever has in this country outside of Adolph Hitler- are just as willing to believe any charge leveled against him, regardless of evidence. Trump is the dividing line in the American body politic now. His presidency is creating a stronger, but just as phony partisanship between the devotees of what Huey Long called HiPapaLowem and LowPapaHighem. He is like Goldstein in Orwell’s 1984; generating far more than any two minutes of hate, and representing to others what is at best loyal opposition, and at worst perhaps something just as imaginary as Orwell’s character.

Donald Trump should be soundly criticized for allowing his entire administration to be overrun with the swamp creatures he promised to “drain.” He should be blasted for failing to keep his countless campaign promises. But attributing our very own, domestic voter fraud to imaginary “Russians” is a convenient way to avoid confronting just one aspect of our massive corruption. Donald Trump may be controlled by dark forces, but whoever is pulling his strings, it’s not “Russia.”