The Law of Self Defense

I will join with many of the other reviewers and say that this book is a must-read for anyone who has any type of self-defense weapon on their person or in their home. After reading the book, I’ve come to the sober conclusion that the law doesn’t seem to favor the ordinary person who is simply trying to defend themselves. In order to prevail, it would seem that each person needs to have a law degree from Harvard, and the ability to slow down time in the event of lethal force situation. This is the case because the legal system chops up your deadly force encounter, which is measured in seconds, into an esoteric academic exercise where the actions of the parties are scrutinized at the nanosecond level. One can almost imagine a panel of ancient philosophers, psychologists, and scholars evaluating who is in the right and who is in the wrong at any given fraction of a second in the timeline of events. In our system of justice, such reflection is done by the police, the DA’s office, your defense attorney, and a jury of your peers — folks who know nothing about the law.

The author presents a very sobering view of how the legal system works for those who choose to defend themselves in a violent encounter. Yes, you may have killed the bad guy, and you may feel that you are right, but if the legal system chooses to pursue your actions, you will have two outcomes; the price tag of your legal defense and your freedom, or, 20 years to life in prison. On several occasions, while reading, I thought that death or serious bodily injury might actually be a good option given the real possibility of jail for the rest of my life, a fate that might be assigned by a gun hostile jury or some real error I made in the deadly encounter. The Law of Self Defens... Andrew Branca Check Amazon for Pricing.

For all of those folks with high capacity magazines, heed this warning. Every single shot you fire in self-defense will be evaluated by the DA. As the author pointed out, there was a case where a subject fired 6 shots. Three were deemed self-defense, while the last 3 were considered attempted murder. The defender was convicted on the 3 “bad” shots and got a life sentence plus 90 years. So, a magazine with 20 rounds is a joke. If you shoot 20 rounds in a self defense case, you are in for a world of trouble with the justice system.

Lastly, know your state laws. The author goes to great length to compare differences in state law for self-defense. In fact, the last third of this book, is a comprehensive digest of every state law for a meriad of serif-defense issues.

This book is a must read for all gun owners.

The purpose of this book, in my opinion, is to form a proper mental attitude for a self-defense situation. This book really makes you think about the “un-locks” you might have in order to draw a weapon and use it.

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