Don't Drink and Drive . . . But if You Do, Read This Book First.

I want to make full disclosure here. I practiced law for 30+ years, but I haven’t practiced for 15 years. I also teach driver safety classes, and many of my students have DUI convictions on their records. I read this book to brush up on police tactics, etc. Then I decided to write a review so prospective readers will know what the book does and doesn’t do.

Folks should not drink and drive. That’s a given. But the author gives advice to folks who are stopped for driving while impaired. And his advice is simple: Don’t say anything, don’t answer questions except to identify yourself, don’t submit to testing, and don’t let them search your vehicle. Ask the officer if you are free to leave (i.e. are you under arrest). If you are free to leave, leave. If you are not free to leave, insist that the officer arrest you immediately—advice which might make some readers shudder. The author’s point is to make the police arrest you or release you, but shut up in the interim.

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The author is absolutely right, of course, if folks have the fortitude to follow it to the letter and not waver. Identify yourself and say nothing more. Make them arrest you. Don’t assume that you can talk your way out of the arrest. Help your lawyer defend you by shutting up. Totally.

Now, this is not a full discussion of all of your rights under the Bill of Rights. It is a discussion of your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. But the author does a good job of covering this important right.

My only reservation about the book is that it seems a bit overwritten. He gives the same advice over and over. In fairness, though, his advice bears repetition, so this is a minor quibble. Readers who follow the author’s advice will probably be arrested, so this book is not for the faint of heart. But your chances of prevailing in court will be enhanced by following his advice. Don’t drink and drive, but if you must, read this book first. Then read it again. Then shut up.

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