The Odds That You Know All 9 of These Odd Firearms Are Slim

Rock Island Auction company always has a collection of interesting pieces at their events, but their upcoming April Premiere auction has some seriously strange guns.

This is a First Model P.W. Porter Turret Rifle, of which just 300 were made in the 1850s. The cylinder has nine shots that all face outward rather than forward like a traditional revolver– making the prospect of a chain-fire downright dangerous. (Photos: RIA)

You may have heard of Belgian LeMat revolvers, but how about this .44-caliber/20-gauge combination carbine with dedicated barrels for each.

While FN rifles aren’t all that rare, this historic model EXP-1/SLEM prototype in 7.92mm Mauser is. The gun paved the way for the much more recognizable FN 49 and FN FAL.

The M1918 Browning Auto Rifle, or BAR, was a product of WWI and saw its heydey in WWII, but by the Korean War was getting long in the teeth. That’s what makes this late production, 1954-made gun, manufactured by the Royal Typewriter Company of all things, pretty interesting.

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