John Pilger: “We Don’t Even Know if a Novichok Program Existed!”

John Pilger: “Skripal case is a carefully-constructed drama”

Russia-UK relations have hit dangerous levels amid a row over the poisoning hoax of a former spy and his daughter.

Award-winning journalist John Pilger tells RT that this is all propaganda, a “carefully-constructed drama”.

Unlike Russia, which has destroyed all its chemical weapons, Pilger notes that the US has yet to destroy its chemical weapons stockpiles and the UK’s chemical weapons factory is just a few miles down the street from where Skripal was found.

“You have an attempted murder, you have a crime scene, and you have no evidence…and neither do you have a motive.”

“Why on earth would Russia, on the eve an election, and on the eve of staging the world football cup, want to destroy its international name with such a crime?”

“There is plenty of motive on the other side. This is part of a carefully constructed drama in which the media plays a role, the government plays a role, both sides of the House of Commons play a role (unfortunately).

“And it’s Iraq if you go back to 2003.”

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