Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years

Brothers: The Hidden H... David Talbot Check Amazon for Pricing. A great narrative about the K brothers, my favorite for sure, brilliantly written by mr. talbot, i was around 12 yrs. old when JFK was assassinated, so i really needed a refreshers course on the K bros. exploits…it seems that the brothers unfortunately got caught in a diabolical move on a devil’s chessboard…in their short 3 yrs. on the world’s stage they surely made a truckload of very (this is an understatement) powerful enemies….very sad but very true…like the author correctly put it..the K brothers were in clash with the times…a time where men wore suits and hats and women wore long dresses and fancy gloves… I hope that in the near future mr. talbot writes a narrative about the misadventures of sir Richard Milhous…boy there was a character…loved this book!

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