2017 JFK Conference: The Big Event-New Relevations

“The Big Event: New Revelations in the JFK Assassination and the Forces Behind His Death” was held on March 9-11 at a hotel and conference center near Dulles Airport. The conference, named “The Big Event” after the phrase CIA operative and convicted Watergate planner E. Howard Hunt used to describe the planned assassination of JFK, was sponsored by the JFK Historical Group and the Conscious Community. Speakers discussed findings from the 34,963 declassified documents released on August 25, 2017; some were held back at the request of U.S. intelligence agencies.

The documents concern the most geopolitically significant murder mystery in history, adding more evidence to the belief that a conspiracy was behind the JFK assassination.

Roger Stone, the political operative and 40 year friend of President Trump, when asked whether the U.S. has had any authentically independent presidents since JFK, answered yes – Nixon, Reagan and Trump. While Trump appears to be coopted to a large extent by the deep state – the military industrial complex and national security state – he is still regarded as an outsider denigrated by elites and snobs who won’t be happy until he does everything they want him to do. Stone said Trump definitely questions the findings of the Warren Commission Report.

Keynote speaker Stone said “many different swirling motives” were behind the assassination. Denouncing the “two political parties who have run this country into the ground,” he said the neocons have been running the US for the past 30 years, and that same deep state that killed JFK is now after Trump. Noting how JFK researchers may disagree on some of the many details, the important point is that they know there was a conspiracy behind the murder and cover up: “We are all right.” Stone said LBJ said a unique relationship with the CIA, organized crime, big Texas oil, the district attorney in Dallas county, the sheriff. “Everyone has their own motive.” He said he called Trump on October 20 to make a case to release all of the declassified documents as scheduled. Trump, a skeptic of government, said he had not had a full briefing on the topic.

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Stone discussed the JFK assassination with Nixon, who he said was purposely lured to Dallas. Nixon called Hoover who told Nixon a communist did it, yet Oswald had not yet been arrested. After a couple of martinis, Nixon got loquacious and told Stone he wanted to be president as much as LBJ did but he was not going to kill for it. Warren Commission member Gerald Ford was instrumental in changing the physical location of the JFK’s neck wound up to accommodate what Stone calls the “cockamamie” single bullet theory; Ford signed the Warren Report.

The 1992 JFK Records Act, passed after public pressure in the aftermath of Oliver Stone’s milestone film JFK, requires any government agency to publish a justification in the Congressional Record why specific documents should not be released, and this has not been done, a violation of the law. In July, the National Archives released a small cache of redacted documents to test reaction. For 30 years the media has controlled the narrative. Stone, whose Twitter account with his 400,000 followers was deleted, decried the current censorship on the Internet with shadow banning. Protection is needed for ideas, he said. “This is the single greatest fight we face.”

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Forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht explained how Earl Rose, the Dallas Medical Examiner, was not allowed to do an autopsy at Parkland Hospital. Eighteen physicians all said JFK was hit from the right side of his temple resulting in an exit wound in the rear area of his head causing extensive damage. His body was illegally taken out of Dallas to Andrews Air Force Base and on to Bethesda Naval Hospital. The two assigned pathologists had never done an autopsy on a gun shot victim. The magic bullet that supposedly caused seven wounds killing JFK and hitting Connolly was mysteriously found lying on a hospital stretcher by a maintenance man. Wecht showed photos of the bullet which looked in pristine condition. The people involved in the cover up “held back, lied, and were negligent.” Wecht pointed out JFK had fired CIA Director Allen Dulles, LBJ named him a member of the Warren Commission, and the conference was being held “in the shadow of an airport named after him.” He said the assassination a “coup d’état” and called for a real investigation.

Saint John Hunt told a heartbreaking story about growing up as the child of E. Howard Hunt, his father’s confession of his involvement with the JFK assassination, as well as the key players. He also spoke of how his mother Dorothy was killed in a suspicious plane crash while she was carrying payoff money to Watergate operatives. “My entire life was a huge lie.” He started doubting the truth of everything. There was no real love in his family, the children had governesses and he didn’t have friends until he was a teenager. “Dad lied so much he could pass any lie detector test.” His mom worked for the OSS, then CIA, tracking down Nazi artwork. One night his dad ordered him to wipe down the fingerprints off the wires and black boxes used for the Watergate burglary and then drove with him to dump the electronics into the Potomac. He was just thrilled that his father, who had considered him an utter disappointment, finally needed him.

Author, scientist and dedicated witness Judyth Vary Baker said Amazon had placed her book “Me & Lee,” about her romantic relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald under the cook book section. She says Oswald was a double agent, set up by the CIA and that he was, as he claimed, “just a patsy.” She explained how the news of the assassination was immediately controlled. Only one radiotelephone was in use in the wire car in the motorcade. UPI reporter Merriman Smith reported what happened, and CBS’ Walter Cronkite repeated Smith’s version. The phone went dead when AP reporter Jack Bell tried to use it. She said she and Oswald were working together on a biological weapon to kill Castro and he was planning to deliver it to Mexico City but the trip was called off; an imposter was used instead as photos depict to implicate Oswald as a Soviet agent being paid by the Russians and Cubans to kill JFK. In fact, Baker said Oswald was part of an effort to abort the planned assassination.

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