Oh No, He Didn’t Go There

Oh yes he did.

One of my weekly listens is the interview of Stephen F. Cohen at the John Batchelor Show.  The discussion, as you know, regards the situation of the New Cold War, Russia-gate, etc.  Cohen is one of the few prominent academics and voices that consider a) that in many ways it is the US government that is forcing the issue toward a New Cold War, and b) so-called Russia-gate is a big fat nothing-burger.

This week they are discussing the supposed Russian meddling in the election, social media, etc.  At the 17 minute mark of part one, Cohen offers:

Being a person of Jewish origin, as we say, I’ve been mindful that Israel has meddled in our elections ever since I’ve been eligible to vote.  Many candidates seek the endorsement of the Israeli action groups here in the United States; they pay homage by going to Israel; they think that that’s an important part of their campaign.

Israel has always meddled big time.  The protest has been rather low level.

For a far less important point, he goes on to point to an academic study of US meddling in foreign elections:

He goes on to conclude that were number one!

Also, in part two, they discuss the US meddling (during the Clinton Administration) in the 1996 election of Yeltsin.  But these points are secondary, and not even controversial: Time Magazine, at the time, proclaimed the news.

Reprinted with permission from Bionic Mosquito.