Politics- The Greatest Hoax of All

This “Russian” conspiracy thing really has me down. The fact that so many good people have mindlessly bought into it has increased my disillusionment about the general gullibility of people. I’ll probably be whipping out my well-worn copy of Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary soon if this continues.

The elite that control us all, those puppet masters behind the scenes, have succeeded in dividing America into two camps, both of them clueless about the real enemy controlling everyone. Donald Trump has become the Lightning Rod of all Lightning Rods. Those who hate him- and there are a lot people who hate him- have been persuaded that he is more corrupt than the entire rest of the deep state. Forgot those Rockefellers and Rothschild-types, and every previous crime committed by swamp dwellers. If we can just get rid of Trump, we’ll really make America great again.

While Trump has become the Goldstein of 1984 fame, stirring up the masses into fits of far more than two minutes of hate, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama form a sort of amalgamation on the other side, as dartboards for conservatives. Our masters have succeeded in constructing believable cardboard caricatures, much as they have used foreign bogeymen for similar purposes for well over a century, to incite the war fever that our monstrous military intelligence complex relies on for sustenance.

Lots of us were fooled to varying degrees by the 2016 Trump presidential campaign. We ignored those photos of Trump laughing with his “former” friends the Clintons. We ignored Trump endorsing Hillary for president in 2008, and his 2012 comments calling her a “terrific” Secretary of State. We ignored the fact that Trump’s name, like Bill Clinton’s, was listed as being on the notorious “Lolita Express” of convicted underage girl aficionado Jeffrey Epstein.

Astute political researchers- which unfortunately doesn’t include many professional journalists or historians- have long known that congressional voting, for instance, can be largely staged. There are a myriad of examples of Democrats and Republicans “permitting” a loyal ally in either their own party or the “opposing” one, to cast a vote that will be popular with the public, as long as the outcome is already assured for the establishment, if they are facing a difficult re-election challenge. Of course, this doesn’t happen very often, since well over 90% of all incumbents are returned to Congress in each election.

Now we appear to be in the midst of a remarkable, unprecedented battle between an arrogant, confused president and the entire left wing of the establishment. Every night, establishment leftist “entertainers” rant and rave against Trump on those competing yet carbon copy talk shows, almost as if he has become the central talking point of every television program. The relentlessness and vicious nature of the attacks would make a more sympathetic figure than the egotistical Trump the kind of underdog that the vast majority of the public would rally around.

The attacks on Obama during his eight years in office were similar, but far less intense. And the mainstream media, being generally “liberal” in an establishment sense, was as collectively enamored with Obama as they are collectively incensed at Trump. Trump has been transformed into a figurehead for White Maleness, which appears to be the number one enemy of the most radical social justice warriors.

Barack Obama, meanwhile, was marketed as the kind of smart aleck black man that conservative America has always feared. Hillary Clinton is the quintessential feminist who won’t back down to male “privilege” and “speaks her mind.” As she told us in the early days, she’s never liked to bake cookies. She is the anti-June Cleaver to Donald Trump’s desperate attempt to bring back the days of Leave it to Beaver. But he’s doing it without that 90% tax rate on the richest Americans; in Trump’s case, he wants to channel the 1950s primarily with more tax cuts for the wealthy.

So what’s an informed American to do here? What if we don’t like smart aleck blacks or feminists who just happen to support perpetual wars, disastrous trade deals, outsourcing and massive immigration, and a sinful disparity of wealth? But what if we don’t like the only alternative offered to us; the unfathomably greedy and selfish disciples of Ayn Rand- the Paul Ryans of the world? Are we forced to empathize with this clownish billionaire “outsider” who is either giving an Academy Award performance as a beleaguered Twitter addict, or is exactly as dumb as he sounds and is being unwittingly used?

I devoted an entire section of Survival of the Richest to our “best and brightest.” Our elected representatives have seemingly always been the target of jokes by wits like Mark Twain. Is it believable that our representatives could be such laughingstocks, Congress after Congress? Would’t some competent and/or honest citizens run for public office at some point, and win? I propose that such consistently putrid “representation” cannot happen accidentally. It cannot be a natural phenomenon for our Congress to be forever filled with pedophiles, anti-gay gays, utterly bribe-able blowhards, who vote against the interests of their constituents with such stunning predictability.

Are our politics akin to the alleged event at Sandy Hook, or the Boston Bombing, or any other number of incidents over the past few years, which have been investigated by alternative researchers and found to be so implausible? Has American politics become a charade, or even something wildly surreal like The Truman Show? Are we all unwitting Jim Carreys, blissfully unaware of the giant stage Shakespeare spoke of, and the prominent actors strutting all around us?

Politics largely makes history. I have written a lot about history, and perhaps I should have referred to it more as fake than merely hidden. “History would be a wonderful thing,” Tolstoy once wrote, “if it were only true.” Today’s politics will become tomorrow’s history. The court historians will chronicle it as inaccurately as their predecessors chronicled their own times. If we survive as some kind of civilization, future court historians will probably note how “hateful” our age was, led by the greatest hater of them all, Donald Trump. They are as unlikely to even mention all the crimes and conspiracies that are happening even as I write this, as they are to ever expose them.

The reality is that 50% of Americans are making less than $27,000 annually. This same bottom half of the country has less than ONE percent of the collective wealth. Illegal immigration and foreign visa workers continue to flood a labor market with nearly 100 million American adults unemployed, further lowering wages. Social Security and Medicare are bound to burst unless something is done to redistribute wealth downwards, instead of upwards. Military spending is always increased, no matter who is in office, and the huge budgets of our intelligence agencies remain a secret. All over the country, police forces are out of control and granted the power to seize the personal property of those not even charged with a crime.

With all this going on, our “representatives” and our media should have plenty to discuss, investigate and reform. Instead, we are being fed a nonsensical casserole, whose main ingredients are Black Lives Matter, North Korea, “dreamers,” transgender bathrooms, military parades, and #MeToo, with a liberal (pun intended) sprinkling in of vapid celebrity opinions. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like what’s being served, as Huey Long said long ago; all the waiters work for Wall Street.

This is well beyond taxation without representation. It’s being forced to watch a never-ending dog and pony show. We can’t yell “fire” in our crowded theater, so all we can do is visit the overpriced concession stands and eat the stale popcorn.