Deporting Refugees and Asylum Seekers?

Wait until the open borders types get their hands on this one.  Watch the venom and vitriol start to fly.

Which country would do such a dastardly deed?  Is it the United States?  No.  Is it Germany?  Nein.  Sweden?  Nej.  France?  Non.

Israel has started issuing deportation notices to African asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan.

Woops.  This might be a problem.

The 20,000 people who are not held in the country’s open detention facility will be expected to leave within 60 days, or risk being imprisoned indefinitely.

Twenty-thousand?  That’s it?  Israel can’t even absorb 20,000 refugees?  Don’t they understand the value of cultural diversity, the economic gains, the liberty of those seeking asylum?

But wait – the Israeli government isn’t cold-hearted; the refugees will not be sent to the countries from which they fled.  The Israeli government cut a deal:

During visits to detention centres, government representatives provided refugees with a letter that listed Rwanda – and in a previous occasion, Uganda – to relocate to.

Except there is one problem:

Shortly after, Rwanda and Uganda rejected claims of signing a controversial deal to take in African migrants from the country.



Let’s add this to the list for open-borders libertarians to address when it comes to applying their scheme to the State of Israel.

Never mind…what a hopeless and spineless bunch.

Reprinted with permission from Bionic Mosquito.