The Forgotten Depression: 1921: The Crash That Cured Itself

Review by William Sullivan:

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We as a nation forget what we do right. We forget that it is the 50 states that make the nation and not just what happens in DC. There is not one factory in DC, nor a farm field, let alone an oil well, or a shipyard or anything else that makes America the great experiment that it is. The 50 states are what makes America great and that forgotten piece of paper we know as The Constitution. If DC were to fall off the earth I doubt “we the people” would notice the loss of “they the politicians” because we would all be too busy making stuff.selling stuff, inventing stuff, fixing stuff. But we do need a failure of such to reaffirm what we do right.

Review by John G. Till:

When Jim Grant speaks I listen. I spent 40 years, in every imaginable position on Wall Street. Most investors don’t even know his name, let alone, his work. His Research Letter carries a high price tag but is well worth it, The Forgotten Depression is not a casual read, but a lesson that plays well in today’s very complex investment universe. The bottom line is Grant is one smart dude and worth paying attention to. Most people were not around in that era, I was. Lessons are to be learned from the past.

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